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Feedback Friday: Trends I’m Seeing Regarding Crime in the Foothills — Crime Prevention BEFORE or AFTER? Thursday’s Property Crimes

As we wrap up the week, I wanted to share some crime prevention recommendations with readers on what I’ve seen cross my desk this week regarding property crimes in the Foothills.


The auto burglaries were still about roughly half unforced entries (leaving your vehicle unlocked), which can be preventable crime.  Yes, if you leave the vehicle unlocked and take the attitude that a break-in is inevitable so why not save the repair cost of a broken window or lock, that’s one way to see things.  The way I see it holistically – the bigger picture of how these crimes impact the community may be a different take on things.  I see it as, sure, maybe your vehicle was purposely an easy target for an auto burglar, but what if: 1) you had locked up, 2) you had removed anything and everything of value, and 3) the auto burglar moved on and out of the area because everyone on the block was practicing crime prevention?  Could the actions of a whole group potentially ward off the block from being know as ‘easy pickin’s’ or a good fishing hole for easy crime?  Hard to say for certain, as in the crime prevention field, we can’t measure what didn’t happen, but food for thought!


The residential burglaries were mostly forced entries through windows at the backs of homes (out of an alert neighbor’s sight lines to call 911).  The screens are being removed from many homes and the offenders then get inside through a window.  Use this information to harden your target!


I visited a home yesterday in the Foothills for a security assessment and it was so inspiring!  This couple had their crime prevention plan in full operational mode and wanted to start a Neighborhood Watch BEFORE the block started getting with crime.  This is so right…start up a Neighborhood Watch, get a free security assessment of your home, get to know the neighbors and work in partnership with local law enforcement to PREVENT crime.  Sure I’m thrilled to come out and help you after an incident has occurred, but why not try to do what you can before a traumatic and violating crime like auto burglary and residential burglary?  Give the Foothills Substation a call if you’d like a home security assessment (332-5240).


Here are the property crimes that occurred yesterday in the Foothills:

5 Residential Burglaries:  4000-block of Glen Canyon Ct NE, 10500-block of Baldwin Ave NE, 10800-block of Baldwin Ave NE, 12000-block of Zia Rd NE, 4500-block of Banff Dr NE.

3 Auto Burglaries:  4200-block of Spanish Bit NE, 5000-block Glenwood Hills Dr NE, Copper Trail head parking area (east of Tramway).  Entries were 1 unforced, 1 broken window, 1 damaged lock.  Items stolen were tools in a tool box, vehicle stereo and vehicle registration/insurance documents.


Have a safe weekend!  Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist / ICPS, NCPS – APD, Foothills Area Command