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Trending Tuesday & Hot Wheels / Burglars had a field day yesterday – Property Crime reported in the Foothills on Monday, March 19th

Trending Tuesday:  Per our APD Crime Analysis Unit, over the past 7days, 73 stolen vehicles and 130 auto burglaries were reported among the 6APD Area Commands in Albuquerque.  The Foothills had 12 vehicles reported stolen in 7 days, which was in the middle of the numbers reported by the six Area Commands.  The numbers ranged from a low of 7 to a high of 20 vehicles reported stolen by Area Command.

Per APD Crime Analysis, there were 130 reports of auto burglaries for the same 7 day period.  The Foothills Area Command showed 26 reports of auto burglaries in those 7 days and the numbers city-wide ranged from a low of 7 reports of auto burglaries to a high of 49 reported auto burglaries among the 6 APD Area Commands.

Hot Wheels:  The most popular makes and models of vehicles stolen for the same seven day period city wide shows that Fords (16 reported stolen/11 of 16 were pick ups), Hyundais (9 reported stolen/6 were Sonatas), and Kias (5 reported stolen/4 were Optimas) were targeted by auto thieves.  The apartment complex parking lots across the city were targeted for auto theft most frequently over the past 7 days (28 reports), followed by single family residential neighborhoods (16 reports), then businesses, lodging, strip malls and restaurants had reports of auto thefts ranging from 5 to 2 at those locations across the city.


Burglars had a field day yesterday stealing from vehicles.  Here is the run down on items left inside unattended vehicles that burglars stole on Monday, March 19th in the Foothills Area Command:

  • $1,000 of tools stolen within two minutes of the caller walking away from the vehicle.
  • Checkbooks and checks, multiple credit cards, keys, a Leatherman tool and a flashlight stolen from another vehicle.
  • $5,000 in cash, multiple gift cards, large amount of tools, electronics, iPad, MacBook Pro, prescription eye wear, vehicle registration and insurance from one vehicle.
  • Drivers license, credit cards, $180 in cash, various club membership cards, iPhone 8 Plus, charger stolen from one vehicle.
  • Keys to a financial institution, designer watch, jewelry, shoes, make up and a wagon stroller stolen from one vehicle.

Please try to limit what you drive around with in your vehicle.  These auto burglaries were reported between 9-11:15 a.m. yesterday. Five of six of yesterday’s auto burglaries were reported from businesses/commercial sites — one from a single family residential location.

Auto burglaries are crimes of opportunity:  take one motivated criminal, add one weak target (unlocked vehicle, vehicle parked out of sight lines, vehicle with lots of valuables left inside and unattended, etc.) and mix with a ripe opportunity and the result is a crime committed.


Property Crimes reported on Monday, March 19th in the Foothills Area Command:

1 Armed Robbery to an Individual:  200-block of Eubank Blvd NE, caller hit over the head from behind and relieved of wallet and $1500 cash in US and Canadian currency.

3 Residential Burglaries: 300-block of Western Skies SE, 4200-block of Eubank Blvd NE and 2800-block of Palo Verde NE.  All to apartments.  Two of three callers said they knew who burglarized them.

6 Auto Burglaries:  200-block of Eubank Blvd NE, 14000-block of Mel Smith Dr NE, 1800-block of Eubank Blvd NE, three vehicles at the same location on the 11200-block of Montgomery Blvd NE.  Entries:  Two of six not noted, one of six left the vehicle unlocked, three of six reported windows were broken to gain entry.  Items stolen?  See above, “Burglars had a field day…”


Be safe and think twice about what you leave in your vehicle to help reduce your odds of being a victim –

Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist / ICPS, NCPS – APD, Foothills Area Command