Foothills Area Command weekly crime statistics update

We are seeing a lot of activity in the Foothills in the New Year. Please ensure you are keeping your vehicles clean, locked, and don’t leave personal items in plain view. Even covering something up with a coat or blanket is not a good idea. The criminals know there is something under there. Never leave your purses, wallets, or any other important documents in your vehicles. It is not worth the trouble of having those items replaced. Here are the crime statistics from the last week; 3-9 January, 2018:

Auto Burglaries:  32

Stolen Vehicles:  30 (4 vehicles were recovered, 4 attempts that were unsuccessful)

Residential Burglaries:  12

Commercial Burglaries:  9

Individual Robbery:  1

Car Jacking:  1 (Vehicle was recovered the same evening.)

Guns stolen during these crimes:  20 (10 were recovered yesterday. Good job Foothills officers!)

Our officers are doing a great job at trying to keep the community safe. Thank you for your continued support.

Kathleen Currey/Crime Prevention Specialist, ICPS/Foothills Area Command


  • Serenity_NM

    Here in our area of NE Heights we are seeing numerous incidents of tire slashing. Most are done to cars parked on the street. My husband saw several on Candelaria tonight on his way home. It is a “silent” crime and tire slashing apparently does not cause a car alarm to go off. What a sad state of affairs in city.