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Neighborhood Association/HOA scam alert

The department has been advised of a Neighborhood Watch/HOA scam occurring in Albuquerque. Names and e-mail addresses were taken from a Neighborhood Associations public website. In an attempt to get money, a “scammer” created an e-mail posing as president of the Neighborhood Association using the presidents actual name but replies go to a fake e-mail address. The scammer requests funds for Home Owner Association dues or anything else you may normally pay online to the Association. It is recommended you have a point of contact in regards to online payments and to verify the credibility of solicitation for funds. If you receive a solicitation via e-mail, make sure to check the e-mail address matches that point of contact’s e-mail address. If you have any questions please call us at 505-332-4250. If you ever think you have been the victim of a scam collect as much information as possible and call 505-242-2677 (COPS). Stay safe and have a great day!

Kathleen Currey/Crime Prevention Specialist, I.C.P.S.

Foothills Area Command