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Trending Tuesday / Hot Wheels / Another gun stolen from a parked vehicle / Property Crime on Monday, 10/30/17

Trending Tuesday:  Garage doors are being used as methods of entries for criminals to commit property crimes in the Foothills Area Command.  It is so important to keep garage doors closed and secure side garage doors as well.  Start thinking of your garage door as the biggest door to your home, because it is!  Most of us have doors into the home from the garage and most of us do not deadbolt that door.  If you think about it from a criminal’s point of view, your garage has tools (hot ticket items for criminals), vehicles and an easy way into your home.  If you see a neighbor’s garage door left open, be a good neighbor and let them know.

Hot Wheels:  Our Crime Analysis Unit data for the past seven days shows that 99 vehicles were stolen city-wide in Albuquerque.  There were increases for five out of six Area Commands in the number of vehicles reported stolen, but the Foothills is still holding steady in the middle of the six Area Commands for number of vehicles reported stolen even though we had an increase.   The most popular places to steal vehicles in Albuquerque for the past seven days were:  apartments (29), and then single-family residences (25) and then the rates plummet to 5 or fewer at other locations.  Most popular vehicles to steal over the same seven day period were Chevrolets (28/19 were pick ups), Fords (11/6 were pick ups) and GMCs (10/5 were pick ups and 3 were Yukons) and then 4 Subarus all from one Area Command.

Another gun was reported stolen from a parked vehicle in the Foothills Area Command…Help me spread the word that leaving firearms in parked cars is unsafe for our community.  The one reported yesterday was stolen from a popular community center’s parking lot at a community hub that is used by all ages and for many types of activities.  Folks, we are inadvertently arming the criminal population by not practicing responsible gun ownership.

Property Crime reported in the Foothills Area Command on Monday, October 30th:

1 Armed Robbery/Commercial:  11200-block of Menaul Blvd NE.

1 Armed Robbery to an Individual:  11100-block of Lomas Blvd NE.

2 Stolen Vehicles:  800-block of Juan Tabo Blvd NE, 1000-block of Tramway Blvd NE.

2 Commercial Burglaries:  10500-block of Montgomery Blvd NE, 11500-block of Summer Ave NE.

2 Residential Burglaries:  14600-block of Hilldale Rd NE, 1500-block of Mary Ellen St NE.

4 Auto Burglaries:  10600-block of Research Rd SE, 500-block of Elizabeth St SE, 10700-block of Academy Rd NE, 4400-block of Magnolia Dr NE.  Entries: 50% to vehicles that were left unlocked and 50% by breaking windows to access items left inside vehicles.   Items stolen that were left in unattended vehicles:  Personal items and paperwork.  A firearms.  A wallet, ID and credit cards.

Be safe, and have a great Halloween and National Doorbell Day!

Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist / ICPS, NCPS – APD, Foothills Area Command