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Whoops! / Thank you United States Air Force / Property Crime over the Weekend (Fri, Sat, Sun) / 2 more guns stolen this weekend / Garage Doors

Whoops!  Thank you Penny and Gary for alerting me — I made a mistake listing the upcoming Coffee with A Cop event on Friday’s web post.  The event IS on Thursday, September 28th from 9 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. at the Starbuck’s at 11321 Montgomery Blvd NE (Montgomery just east of Juan Tabo).  Thanks again Penny and Gary — you are the greatest!


The United States Air Force has a birthday — the Air Force is 70 years old today.  Thank you to the men and women who serve and guard our nation with the Air Force.


Property Crimes reported in the Foothills Area Command over the weekend (Friday, 9/15 – Saturday, 9/16 – Sunday, 9/17):

5 Armed Robberies/Commercial:  13000-block of Central Ave NE, two separate incidents at two addresses on the 10300-block of Hotel Circle NE,  12500-block of Menaul Blvd NE, 2900-block

18 Stolen Vehicles:  10700-block of Acoma Rd SE, 200-block of Juan Tabo Blvd NE, 200-block of Glenridge Park Ln NE, 13400-block of Lomas Blvd NE, 10300-block of Comanche Rd NE, 11100-block of Faye Ave NE, 1100-block of Mary Ellen St NE, 12000-block of Candelaria Rd NE,  12300-block of Mountain Rd NE, 1300-block of White Rim Pl NE, 1600-block of Camino De La Sierra NE, 11800-block of Apache Ave NE, 2800-block of Tahiti St NE, 2 vehicles from same address on the 1100-block of Landman Dr NE, 4600-block of Eubank Blvd NE, 6200-block of Eubank Blvd NE, 9900-block of Spain Rd NE.

2 Commercial Burglaries:   100-block of Hotel Circle NE, 10300-block of Comanche Rd NE.

10 Residential Burglaries:  11100-block of Ventura Pl NE,  11000-block of Deer Lodge Pl SE, 500-block of Eugene Ct SE, 1000-block of Parkside Dr NE, 1700-block of Tomasita St NE, 3600-block of Mary Ellen St NE, 2800-block of Dorothy St NE,  1800-block of Martha St NE, 11600-block of Lexington Ave NE, 1100-block of Landman Dr NE.

10 Auto Burglaries:  12000-block of Skyline Rd NE, 200-block of Figueroa St NE, 12600-block of Copperwood Dr NE, 1500-block of Elizabeth St NE, 12000-block of Candelaria Rd NE, 13300-block of Mountain Rd NE, 12000-block of Apache Ave NE, 3700-block of Valerie Pl NE, 12300-block of Manitoba St NE, 11300-block of Montgomery Blvd NE.  Entries:  Unlocked vehicles, damaging door locks, removing or breaking windows.  Items stolen:  State Agency ID Badge and State-issued vehicle keys.  Cell phone car charger.  Bag with $100.  Keys to another vehicle and a 9 MM gun.  Purse and IDs.  Purse, credit cards, IDs, cash, 2 pr sunglasses, ski jacket left inside vehicle and Apple iPhone 7 issued by employer left on the dashboard.  Two attempts to steal vehicles left extensive damages.

Do you keep your keys in the cup holder?  Do you leave your gun under the car seat?  Do not leave keys to other vehicles in the cup holders, center consoles, door side pocket or glove box.  We had one auto burglary that ‘snowballed’ into a stolen vehicle this weekend.  The boyfriend of the victim left a set of keys to the girlfriend’s vehicle in the cup holder.  When the boyfriend’s vehicle was burglarized, that armed a criminal with a gun and provided that same criminal wtih a set of keys to steal a vehicle.

Open Garages:   Due to garages being left open the Foothills criminals netted 4 stolen vehicles, keys to 3 vehicles, and ripped off the furniture to one home that was burglarized this weekend in the APD Foothills Area Command.  Please keep your garages closed and secured and be a good neighbor:  if you see someone’s garage door left open on your block, go by and let them know.  This practice attracts crime to neighborhoods and we all need to work together as a community to look out for one another.

Guns in vehicles:  C’mon folks — help me out and spread the word about how dangerous this habit is!  We just can’t afford to leave guns in parked vehicles — we are inadvertently providing practically an armory to the bad guys.  Secure those firearms when you are not using them for your family’s safety and the community’s safety.


Have a great week and happy birthday to our United States Air Force,

Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist / ICPS, NCPS – APD, Foothills Area Command