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SCAN: Security Camera Mapping Initiative for Homes and Businesses / Wednesday’s property crimes in the Foothills

SCAN:  Security Camera Analytical Network.

SCAN, which stands for the “Security Camera Analytical Network” is a collaboration that includes the City of Albuquerque, the Albuquerque Police Department, the Bernalillo County Sheriff Office and the Bernalillo County District Attorneys Office and you:  local residents or businesses with security cameras.  This is a new way to partner to create the county’s first-ever security camera map, and business owners and residents can provide information about their security cameras to assist officers and prosecutors with the investigation of crimes and prosecution of criminals in Bernalillo County.

With SCAN, business owners or residents who have working security cameras can add their security camera system to the map by going to the City of Albuquerque’s web site location for SCAN, and SCAN registry will soon appear on the ABQPolice Mobile App.  Sign-up is quick and easy, and entails providing the make and model of the camera system, the number of cameras at the business or residence, the resolution quality and retention schedule of the video that is captured, and contact information for the person who would be able to work with police to review video footage, if necessary, during the investigation of a crime.  The Citizens Contact Center (dial 311) can also provide instructions and answer questions.

As businesses and individuals add their cameras, SCAN will identify the locations of the cameras on a map that will be available only to law enforcement officials and prosecutors.  With one click, they will be able to see contact information and pertinent details for each camera system.  Among numerous other benefits, SCAN will significantly reduce the time it currently takes police officers to identify potential working security cameras around crime scenes, track down the owners/operators of those cameras, and determine whether the additional footage can assist their investigation.  Additionally, SCAN will potentially help police and prosecutors tie suspects to other unsolved crimes and likely increase the quality and amount of video evidence used in the investigation and prosecution of criminal cases.

And there’s more!  The APD Real Time Crime Center also has a camera-sharing agreement for businesses — When businesses choose to participate in SCAN, they will also have the opportunity to enroll their security camera system in a program started by APD in 2013 that allows the RTCC to remotely access business security cameras whenever there is a call for service near the business.  Participation in this program is voluntary, and business participants will be able to indicate on their sign-up form whether they are interested in talking with the RTCC about this option. There is no charge to connect to the RTCC. Currently, over 32 companies (or other private entities) in Bernalillo County have tied their security camera feeds directly into the RTCC.

Note to apartment complexes:  You are also invited to participate in these programs if you have security camera systems at your properties.

For more details, see or call the Citizens Contact Center by dialing 311.



Property crimes reported in the Foothills Area Command on Wednesday, August 2nd:

1 Armed Robbery/Commercial:  1500-block of Eubank Blvd NE.

2 Stolen Vehicles:  11300-block of Cochiti NE, 500-block of Tramway Blvd NE.

1 Commercial Burglary:  12900-block of Indian School Rd NE.

1 Residential Burglary:  9000-block of Menaul Blvd NE.

6 Auto Burglaries:  500-block of Eubank Blvd NE, 10500-block of Copperpoint Way, 13300-block of Central NE, three separate incidents at the same location on the 3100-block of Jane Pl NE.  Entries:  Smash & Grabs (breaking windows to access items left inside vehicle), damaging door locks. Items stolen:  One failed attempt to steal the vehicle resulting in ignition damage, golf clubs, several sets of vehicle registrations and insurance cards, personal documents, receipts, paperwork, CDs, a wallet with debit card and Social Security card.

Today’s crime prevention tip based on these incidents:  Go through your vehicle(s) this weekend and do a clean-up and edit and review what you are leaving inside your vehicle.  If you must have specific items inside, keep them locked in the trunk and put them in the trunk before you take off for your destination.  Glove boxes and center consoles are spots that most auto burglars will pry open if locked just to see if anything of value or with personal information is inside.  You have to have the registration and proof of insurance in the vehicle when you are operating it, but those documents don’t need to be in a parked vehicle.  Carry them in your wallet or keep them with your keys/key fobs so you won’t forget them when you leave the house.  I felt sorry for this week’s earlier auto burglary victim who had a folder of photos stolen from their vehicle.  Who knows the ‘heart-value’ or sentimental value of those photos?  They may have been worthless to an auto burglar, but precious to the victim and were stolen anyway.  Really edit and pare down what you leave in your vehicle, lock up, think about alarm systems if it makes you feel better about reducing your odds of being an auto burglary victim, but start taking pro-active steps to control your environment.  Taking pro-active prevention steps results in more peace of mind about these incidents occurring in our city and lowers your odds of being a victim.

Today is National Watermelon Day — the perfect summer treat.  However you spend your day, make it a good one and be safe,

Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist / ICPS, NCPS – APD, Foothills Area Command