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Coyote Point Apartments / Property Crimes on Wednesday / Crime Prevention Tips / Ntl Near Miss Day!

Coyote Point Apartments at 13500 Skyline Rd NE (Buildings A-G only):  Thanks to Cindy C. and Sonia A. for hosting a residents meeting to talk about crime prevention last night.  We have another year of partnership between APD Crime Prevention and Coyote Point apartment community through the Crime Free Multi-Housing program.  This voluntary and free program/partnership assists rental communities with reducing crime on rental property and teaching basic crime prevention skills to residents and partners landlords with local crime prevention specialists.

To find out more about Crime Free Multi-Housing, contact your substation’s Crime Prevention Specialist.

Property Crimes Reported in the Foothills Area Command on Wednesday, March 23, 2017

3 Armed Robberies/Commercial: 12900-block of Central NE, 2100-block of Juan Tabo NE, 12700 Indian School  Rd NE.

1 Armed Robbery to an Individual:  Deer Dancer Trail NE & Monte Largo NE.

1 Stolen Vehicle: 600-block of Marcella St NE.

4 Residential Burglaries:   11600-block of Clifford Ave NE, 10700-block of Bellamah Ave NE, 1100-block of Upland Dr NE,     12000-block of Candelaria.  Entries:  Cut window screen and entered via the window, broke a back window, entered through unsecured garage door, and one unknown at time of research.     Items Stolen:  Laptops, TV, collection of swords, jewelry, a safe, tools.

Tips:  I posted on Monday about window screens — it is a good time to check the window screens to make sure they are secured properly and to check for tears and whether it’s time to replace a screen.  Windows should be locked, or if open a bit, with an additional device to prevent lifting or sliding out of tracks.  Safes:  If you invest in a safe, it’s a sound idea to securely fasten it to a wall or floor so it can’t be stolen.  Property inventory:  I also recommend setting up a property inventory list for valuables with photos, serial numbers or special engraving, makes, models, colors, etc.  This is good to have for fire, flood, other types of damage, but also if you are burglarized.  Having a detailed record of your property can help law enforcement get your stolen property into our database and if it turns up at a pawn shop or is recovered in some other way the police can identify the property as yours.

8 Auto Burglaries: 400-block of Eubank Blvd NE , 300-block of Jane St NE,  300-block of Cascabel Trail SE, 100-block of Hotel Circle NE, 12900-block of Indian School Rd NE, 12000-block of Candelaria NE, 4700-block of Morris St NE.  Entries:   Unforced (reached into truck bed), unlocked vehicles, smash & grabs (breaking windows to access property left inside the vehicle).  Items Stolen:  Various items left in truck bed, a $2,000 drone, a laptop, a $1,000 camera, drivers license, credit card, gated community’s gate remote, mailbox key.

Tips:  Change the old habits!  Secure your property, leave nothing of value inside the vehicle or visible in the vehicle.  Just one extra moment of securing property in a locked trunk or stopping off at home to drop off valuables or not bringing so many things in the vehicle on your errands cuts your odds of auto burglary.

Do not leave keys, garage door openers, gate access badges or remotes, mailbox keys, house keys, etc. inside unattended vehicles.  These items may seem insignificant to the owner when left in a parked vehicle, but these items are prime targets for those intent on moving on from an auto burglary to committing further crime like auto theft, residential burglary, identity theft and fraud using your mail, etc.

National Near Miss Day:  Noticing that today is National Near Miss Day prompted me to remind readers to remember to be aware of your surroundings, scan the general area before hopping out of your vehicles, lock up vehicles and be alert about who is around you and if they are showing behavior that matches the setting.  Do not allow yourself to be distracted (I know, it’s hard in today’s world of constant distractions) and you will become a less attractive target when in parking lots, public places, etc.  Know where you are at all times either by noting the address or the cross-streets mentally if you had to call 911.

Have a great day and be safe,

Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist / ICPS, NCPS – APD Foothills Area Command