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Ntl Consumer Protection Week Resource / Another Gun Stolen / Property Crime on Wednesday

National Consumer Protection Week:  I hope readers had a chance to to see what is available for consumer protection earlier in the week from the Federal Trade Commission and the Penn Corner newsletter, the Wall Street Journal’s report on IRS numbers about tax identity theft/fraudulent returns data, and the Krebs on Security web site.

Today’s resource is in our own back yard:  the New Mexico Attorney General’s Office.  They are a wonderful resource and have a web site with many portals to explore to learn more as a consumer, a donor to charities, as a homeowner, a parent (child protection information), how to file a complaint with the NMAG Office and have a notifications service for email subscribers.  The web site is at:  They are here to help New Mexicans be more informed and protected.

Another gun stolen during a property crime in the Foothills Area Command:  this time, stolen from a parked vehicle.  March to date count of firearms reported stolen during auto or residential burglaries:  18 in 8 days.  For the safety of your family, your community and law enforcement, if you own a firearm — secure it!  There are safes and other ways to prevent a tragedy in the home from leaving unsecured firearms accessible.  See what’s on the market in the area of safes, mechanisms, etc. — it is worth it to see what is available and fits your budget and life style.

Daily Property Crime in the FoothillsWednesday, 3/8/17

1 Armed Robbery/Business:  2800-block of Juan Tabo Blvd NE.

5 Stolen Vehicles:  10700-block of Cochiti SE, 12000-block of Skyline Rd, 1700-block of Juan Tabo Blve NE, 1000-block of Tramway Blvd NE, 12800-block of Constitution NE.

1 Commercial Burglary:  12900-block of Central NE.

1 Residential Burglary:  3100-block of Jane Pl NE.  Entry:  Resident had no idea.  Items stolen:  Ex-boyfriend’s articles.

7 Auto Burglaries:  500-block of Eubank Blvd SE, 10600-block of Shadow Leader Drive SE, 10600-block of Central NE, 1300-block of Paisano, and three at the same location on the 10500-block of Academy Road NE.  Entries:  smash & grabs (breaking windows) for 3 of the 7 vehicles noted; other 4 were not noted at time of research.  Items stolen:  a gun and a knife, back pack, lunch bag, iPad, notebooks, one attempt to steal the vehicle, back pack, wallet, medications,

Trend I am seeing lately:  3 more auto burglaries occurred yesterday, but victims had officers dispatched and then declined to have a police report written.

This type of behavior hurts our efforts in Crime Prevention, Crime Analysis and the Area Command leadership with being able to properly assess criminal activity, adequately staff certain areas in the Area Command, the inability to access data needed regarding methods of entry being used, what items are targeted and stolen, times of day these incidents occur, days of the week these incidents occur, the neighborhoods or areas where these incidents are occurring and being targeted by the criminal population and any suspect person or vehicle information that could be provided from the police report that may have ties to other crimes in the city.  The officer is taken out of availability to respond to other calls from citizens to hear, “sorry you came out, I’ll file a report later” or “I just wanted to tell an officer about it and not file a police report”.

We make it easy to file reports for most cases without injuries, witnesses or suspect information by reporting a crime through the online reporting system at or through the APD Telephone Reporting Unit at 768-2030.  Try using one of these reporting mechanisms to file police reports if you do not want an officer dispatched or to wait at the location for the officer to arrive.

I hope you are having a good week – -stay safe,

Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist / ICPS, NCPS – APD, Foothills Area Command