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Fishin’ spot you’d never think of…Thanks to Villa Serena… First Step…Property Crime on Wednesday

Fishin’ spot you may not have thought of…Remember to check your garage door and the gaps or decorative panels at the top to make sure the seals are tight.  Offenders have been known to wiggle tools through gaps at the top of the garage door to ‘fish’ for the emergency red cord, ‘hook’ it, give it good yank and presto — they’ve opened your garage door. 

YouTube has videos on how to prevent this, but if you untie the red cord (if it is knotted) or remove the plastic handle and let the red emergency cord dangle, you can prevent the ‘fishing’ technique by not having providing the ‘hook’ a ‘handle’ to grasp or catch to open the garage door from the outside. You still need that red cord to yank on in case of emergency — I do not advocate removing it.

Start thinking of the garage door as the biggest door to your home and take measures to secure that door and of course, don’t leave it open when not in use.

Thank you to Villa Serena:  I appreciated the meeting set up by the manager of the property and the great questions from residents who attended the crime prevention meeting yesterday at Villa Serena apartment community.  Villa Serena is an active participant in our Crime Free Multi-Housing partnership where APD works with apartment management to teach crime prevention methods to residents and work with managers to reduce crime on rental properties. 

First Step to be a part of the The Crime Free Multi-Housing program:   Manager/owner attends an 8-hour training hosted by APD.  The next Phase I workshop is on Thursday, April 13, 2017.  If you want to attend, contact me by February 10th so I get your name and address submitted to the class coordinator.  You can reach me via email at or at 323-4644 and provide me with your name, complete address of your rental property, and a contact phone number/email.  The program is voluntary and free, but has requirements and agreements signed by management representing the property.  Phase I classes are offered in April and October. 

Property crime reported in the Foothills Area Command on Wednesday, January 25, 2017

1 Home Invasion/Robbery:  12300-block of Mountain Rd NE.

3 Stolen Vehicles:   700-block of Eubank, 12900-block of Marva SE, 9900-block of Spain Rd NE.

2 Residential Burglaries:  2 vehicles at the same address on the 12000-block of Zia Rd NE, 11100-block of Orr Ave NE.  Entries via garage doors.  Items stolen were a garage door opener, energy drinks and items inside vehicles inside the garage, tools and various other items not detailed at time of research.

3 Auto Burglaries: 2 incidents reported at the same address on the 3000-block of Juan Tabo, Piedra Lisa Canyon Trail Head parking area.  Entries via damaging door locks.  Items stolen: driver’s license, credit cards, military ID; purse, wallet, drivers license, other items reported stolen.

Be safe,

Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist / ICPS, NCPS – APD Foothills Area Command