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Two new Neighborhood Watches in the Foothills! Ntl Crime Prvtn Month Tip of the Day / Property Crime

Two new Neighborhood Watch groups formed in the Foothills Area Command!  Thanks to Kate H. on Siboney Loop NE for doing the footwork to form a Neighborhood Watch group and stepping forward to serve as Block Captain for the residents on Siboney Loop NE.  Thanks also go out to Dory for planning and completing the starter kit for the new Neighborhood Watch on the 1100-block of Stutz Drive NE and to Luke for stepping forward as Block Captain for the newly formed watch group on Stutz.  These groups are citizen-driven and help the community and local law enforcement by serving as extra eyes and ears on the block and learning how to safely report crime and suspicious activity on the block  To start a Neighborhood Watch group on your block contact the APD Senior Crime Prevention Specialist, Steve Sink, at 244-6644 to get a starter kit.

October is National Crime Prevention Month:  Here’s your crime prevention tip of the day — Access points:  have you given thought to your access points at home or your business?  Take a look at your gates, fencing and ways for others to access your property.  Fencing and gates are designed to limit access.  Do not prop open gates or doors with landscaping rocks or bricks or other items:  that defeats the purpose of having the fence or gate.  Can your fencing be easily scaled?  Can your chain link fencing be easily cut or peeled back, providing easy access?  Are the wood slats of your fencing broken or missing?  Are slats or iron bars spaced too far apart, allowing access to someone to ‘shimmy’ their way through the fence? Have you inadvertently provided a step-up or improvised ladder over your walls, gates or fences by placing landscaping boulders, trash bins, boxes, etc. next to walls?  There are so many types of fencing and gate materials on the market — do some research, shop around, get recommendations and chose carefully when considering fencing or gates.

Property Crime in the Foothills on Wednesday, October 19th

1 Armed Robbery to a Business:  700-block of Juan Tabo Blvd NE.

3 Stolen Vehicles:  200-block of Figueroa SE, 11600-block of Academy Rd NE, 6600-block Tennyson NE.

3 Auto Burglaries:  13300-block Sunset Canyon Rd NE, 5700-block of Elderberry Ct NE, 5300-block of Jessie Dr NE.

Tips and trends I am seeing — Well, we are at 12 guns stolen so far this month from auto or residential burglaries in the Foothills Area Command.  A loaded 9 mm semi auto gun was left in a vehicle and the vehicle was stolen yesterday.  Our auto burglaries yesterday were both forced entry (breaking a window) and unforced entry (unlocked) and one was not specified at the time of my research.  Stolen?  $600 cash and a iPad from the unlocked vehicle, a wallet and ID from a vehicle where the offender broke the window to access those items and a government-issued ID from a third vehicle. I need your help in the community to spread the word to clean out those cars!  Bring in your valuables and anything with personal information on it when you park.  Gun owners:  I need your help too to spread the word to bring those firearms inside with you when you park or come up with a responsible security plan if you must store a gun in your vehicle.  

Thanks again to our new Neighborhood Watch groups — there is one more facilitation meeting in the Foothills for a group on Dahlia SE — I need maximum participation and a Block Captain to help the Dahlia SE residents get this one off the ground next week! 

Be safe, and spread the word in the community about crime prevention please!

Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist / ICPS, NCPS – APD, Foothills Area Command