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October’s Workshop Wednesday at the Foothills: Top Tips / Favorite Gadgets from the Attendees

Hi everyone,

Here are the lists of “Top Tips” and “Favorite Gadgets” from the attendees at the October 12th, “Workshop Wednesday at the Foothills” on Crime Prevention for the Home:  One Man’s Strategy.  Thanks to everyone who attended!

Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist / ICPS,  NCPS – APD, Foothills Area Command

Favorite Gadgets:

  • Doorbell Cameras with Intercom / Access via Mobile Devices
  • Interior and Exterior Cameras
  • Heavy Gauge Steel Security Doors with Deadbolts
  • Security Film (for glass)
  • Home Monitoring Services via Apps/Mobile Devices

Top Tips:

  • Access to Video – able to access at least 10 days of history, easily downloaded to hand off to a detective, ability to see at night (license plates and faces). If purchasing multiple cameras, try mounting one inside the home facing out and the rest at exterior locations.  You’ll have one inside the home that can’t be vandalized and will capture someone inside your home to make your burglary case stronger if prosecuted.
  • Buy signage – alarm, camera, etc. You can buy these on-line.
  • Strike plates (door): reinforce with four 3 ½’ long screws.
  • Guns: If you get a safe, make sure it is fixed/bolted securely so the entire safe can’t be stolen during a burglary.
  • PO Box or Box at UPS store is a good way to prevent mail theft.
  • Garages: Try adding a heavy gauge steel security door to your garage’s side door.  With this type of security door added to the side door, you can ‘vent’ the garage for air flow without opening the garage door.
  • Driveway sensors: these alert the home owner when the beam is crossed at the driveway/front path and can be helpful.
  • Neighborhood Watch: free, extra eyes and ears on the block trained what to watch for and how to safely report to APD.