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Officer Appreciation Day / Day 30 of the Garage Door 30-Day Pledge / Property Crime on Monday

Officer Appreciation Day:  This year the APD Foothills, North East and South East Area Commands will be combining their Officer Appreciation Days into one large community-wide event for officers, their families and the community.  The event will be on Saturday, October 29th from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the Manzano Mesa Multi-Generational Center, 501 Elizabeth (at Southern in the Foothills Area Command).  As we get closer to the event, I will post more details.

We need volunteers for Officer Appreciation Day– Please contact me via email to if you would like to help with the set up team (9:00 – 10:00 a.m.), the clean up team (2:00 – 3:00 p.m.) or on-site event team to assist during the event with BBQs, jumper house, rock climbing wall and other tasks to help keep things safe and fun during the event.

Foothills 30-Day Garage Door Pledge:  Thanks to all who participated in the 30-Day Garage Door Pledge to keep those garage doors closed and alert neighbors if they left their garage doors open.  During the 30-Day Garage Door Pledge, I was able to determine one case where a garage door was left open and used as a point of entry to commit a crime in the Foothills Area Command.  Good work everyone; the awareness made a positive difference in our Area Command.

Property Crime in the Foothills on Monday, September 26th

3 Stolen Vehicles: 10300-block of Candelaria NE, 13100-block of Constitution NE, 13300-block of Cedarbrook NE.

2 Residential Burglaries: 800-block of Buck Trail SE, 3100-block of Candlelight NE.  Entries made by prying a door, kicking in a door.

4 Auto Burglaries: Encantado & Tramway, 2100-block of June St NE, 10900-block of Prospect NE, 5700-block of Manzanillo Loop NE.  Entries made by opening unlocked doors, doors that were left open and other unforced entries.  100% of these incidents could have been prevented by removing valuables and closing and locking the vehicles.  Articles stolen in 24 hours from auto burglaries?  Stereo, personal documents, a purse, $600 cash, multiple IDs, Social Security card, passport, military police cell phone, multiple credit cards.  Most of these stolen items will be probably be used to commit further crimes such as identity theft, fraud, forgery and fencing.

Be safe and thanks again for the support for Officer Appreciation Day and the Garage Door Pledge period.

Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist / ICPS, NCPS – APD, Foothills Area Command