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Another Gun in an Auto Burglar’s Hands / Day 11: Pledge / Property Crime on Wed. / Storage Units / Property Inventories

Another gun in the hands of an auto burglar:  A 45 caliber gun was stolen during an auto burglary yesterday in the Foothills.  This brings my count to 3 guns stolen while burglarizing vehicles in the Foothills month-to-date (9/1 to 9/7).  Bullets travel at speed of at least 850 feet a second — can you outrun a bullet?  Police officer body armor can minimize damage, but police officers wearing body armor can sustain serious injury nonetheless.  Would your child pick up a gun left inside a vehicle and know if it’s a toy or a real gun?  If you have a traffic accident, would that gun you keep in the vehicle fire and kill someone in the vicinity?  If you interrupted a crime in progress, like the auto burglary noted above, do you think a criminal would hesitate to use your own gun left inside your unattended (and in many cases unlocked vehicle) to harm you?  All serious questions for gun owners.  If you own a gun, it is your personal responsibility is to secure that gun when not in use. 

Day 11:  Foothills 30-Day Garage Door Pledge!  I see a shift in our residential burglary method of entry patterns since the Pledge began.  We have done an about-face!  However, I am seeing front and back doors being pried open to access homes and that’s where APD needs your eyes and ears on the block to call 242-COPS or 911 accordingly.  If you see someone strange who looks like they are trying to get inside a home, make that call!

Property Crime in the Foothills on Wednesday, September 7th

1 Robbery at a Business:  11000-block of Menaul Blvd NE.

1 Stolen Vehicle: 1400-block of Temile Hill Place NE.

1 Commercial Burglary:  11800-block of Lomas Blvd NE.

6 Residential Burglaries:  1200-block of Sierra Larga Drive NE, three at the same address on the 12100-block of Menaul Blvd NE (see my notes below on these 3 burglaries), 3500-block of Chelwood Park Blvd NE, 13100-block of Comanche Rd NE.

6 Auto Burglaries:  700-block of Stephen Moody SE, 12500-block of Monarch NE, 3100-block of Jane Place NE, corner of Juan Tabo/Candelaria, 12300-block of Candelaria, 1200-block of Nakomis NE.

Notes about yesterday’s residential burglaries:  The three at the same address yesterday on the 12100-block of Menaul were all to separate apartment dweller’s storage sheds/units. Due to the different dwellings, these incidents had to count as 3 separate incidents although at the same street address.

Storage units and Property Inventories:  If you have a storage unit outside your dwelling, don’t forget to ‘target-harden’ that unit!  This can include motion sensor lighting, a quality deadbolt, a solid door or metal door, and more.  Keep a property inventory of what you are storing in that unit.  The property inventory should list items, makes, models, serial numbers, colors, etc.  Keep your property inventory in a safe place and keep it current.  Property inventories help officers list stolen items on  police reports, help victims with insurance claims, and a property inventory helps reunite victims with their items if those items are recovered.  Your insurance provider may have property inventory recommendations, and there are secured sites on line that offer this service (ex:  ReportIt.LeadsonLine, Property Locker, etc.).  Pick a property inventory method that suits you and can be easily maintained and stored in a safe, accessible location.

Be safe, thanks for taking part in the 30-Day Garage Door Pledge and think about starting that property inventory today!

Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist / ICPS, NCPS – APD, Foothills Area Command