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Another gun stolen from a car / Property crime on Tuesday / Trail Heads / Construction Sites

Another gun stolen from a car:  Please properly secure your firearms. We had a 40 caliber, magazines, holster and 22 rounds reported stolen during an auto burglary yesterday in the Foothills Area Command.  These types of incidents are happening in residential neighborhoods.  For the sake of the community, if you own a gun, take the proper precautions to secure that weapon when it’s not being used.

Trail Heads:  I am continuing to see ‘smash and grab’ auto burglaries aimed at stealing purses, wallets, and IDs left in vehicles while owners use various Foothills recreational trails.  I recommend paring down what you take with you and bring IDs, etc. with you on your activity.  When you park at these sites the auto burglar knows you are out of sight, out of earshot (if the vehicle has an alarm) and there are most likely no witnesses around.  Most trail users will be gone at least 45 minutes and maybe up to a few hours at a time or even half a day or more.  This gives the criminal several advantages:  plenty of opportunity to commit this crime, a weak target and very low risk of being caught.  We have some great end-of-summer and autumn weather approaching before it gets cold and the days get shorter, so unless there is a change of habit by potential victims, I predict these crimes will continue to occur until the winter.

Construction Sites/Commercial Golf Carts: We had a little uptick this month and last month in thefts of construction equipment, ATVs, trailers and a golf cart in the Foothills Area Command.  I have posted prevention tips for construction sites and trailers/equipment on this web site, so that information is easily accessible.  I have also offered security assessments by appointment — these take about 45 minutes.  At the very least, if you own these types of motor vehicles/trailers, keep the owner information handy in the event of theft.  The police need a minimum amount of data:  make, model, VIN or serial number.  Year and colors, stickers, markings are helpful too.  Tools are hot-ticket items for the criminal element too:  keep these secured and have a property inventory and keep it current in the event your tools are stolen.  If your place of worship, apartment community, business or golf course has a fleet of golf carts keep the vehicle information in a safe and accessible place.  In the event of theft the responding officer can get the vehicle into our database quickly, which helps with recovery efforts and identification if the cart is located.

Property Crime in the Foothills Area Command on Tuesday, August 16th

2 Stolen Vehicles:  100-block of Elizabeth St SE, 5300-block of Cortaderia NE.

1 Commercial Burglary:  13700-block of Pino Ridge Place NE.

3 Residential Burglaries:  2000-block of Maywood Drive SE, 6400-block of Chaco Ridge Place NE, 10700-block of Academy Rd NE.  Entries to homes made via screen doors, front/back doors.

8 Auto Burglaries:  400-block of Sawtooth Rd SE, 11600-block of Wild Horse Trail SE, 11800-block of Wild Horse Trail SE, 11200-block of Canyonlands Rd SE, 300-block of Cascabel Trail SE, 14300-block of Copper (trail head parking area), 11400-block of San Jacinto NE, 1800-block of Propps St NE.  Smash & grabs and unlocked vehicles.