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Garage doors, auto burglaries and property crimes on Wednesday, July 20th

Garage Doors:  We at APD Foothills Area Command continue to see residential burglaries and auto thefts being committed via open garage doors.  Please do not tempt a criminal by leaving your garage door fully or partially opened.  Criminals have been known to send in a small child inside a garage to open the door or the garage side door for an adult to burglarize the property.  Doggie doors that lead into the garage are also common points of entry for burglars.  The garage door is the biggest door to your home and most homes have doors inside the garage that lead directly into the house — another way inside your home; another weak area to harden with protective measures.  Start making it a practice to close the garage door and let a neighbor know if you see their garage door left open.  Research the many options on the market to enhance garage door security and door security — read consumer reviews and select what works for your home and your budget to harden that weak target.  No one will be more invested in your home security than you are — spend some time reviewing your options and reviewing ‘target hardening’ methods to secure your property.

Auto Burglaries:  I continue to see auto burglaries targeting unlocked vehicles with articles and personal information left inside.  These cases are preventable!  Lock up, check windows and sun roofs to make sure they are closed.  Clear the vehicle of any visible items, bring in the vehicle registration and insurance papers (and the garage door opener) with you when you park.  It is painful to see the high number of auto burglary cases where victims left items inside unlocked vehicles and walked away for sometimes hours, sometimes overnight.  It is also painful to see case reports of stolen garage door openers or gated community access remotes/badges stolen, providing a criminal with access to the home and the gated community.  With a few seconds of checking and securing your property invested, you can reduce the odds of being an auto burglary victim and know that you have done what was within your power to secure your property and control your environment.  

Property Crimes in the Foothills Area Command on Wednesday, July 20th:

1 Stolen Vehicle: 10300-block of Central NE.

1 Residential Burglary: 2700-block of Palo Verde NE.

7 Auto Burglaries: 1500-block of Bush Court NE, Two incidents at separate addresses on the 1100-block of Bernalillo Place SE, 1600-block of Catron SE, Supper Rock & Copper NE dead-end area, 13000-block of Cambridge Pl NE, 4800-block of Yucatan NE.

Be safe, Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist / ICPS, NCPS – APD Foothills Area Command