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Garcia’s Guidance on Guns and Garages / Five Times! / Thank You to Alert Citizen / Property Crimes on Wed. June 8th

Garcia’s Guidance on Guns and Garages: Garages:  the biggest doors to your home.  Garage door openers:  keys to the biggest door to your home. If you have had a garage door opener stolen from your parked vehicle, please take the necessary steps to secure your garage immediately!  The garage door opener is a key to your garage, and most garages can be access points into your home.  Protect your home by keeping your environment secure.  When you park, bring the garage door opener with you.  Another quick tip:  Lock vehicles kept inside your garage and do not leave purses, wallets, IDs, credit cards, debit cards, cash, personal papers, checkbooks, etc. inside vehicles parked in your garage.  If a criminal gets access into the garage, all of those items and the vehicles and garage contents are potential targets for theft.   I know — it’s a shame we have to modify our habits in this way, but I want you to be able to control your environment and gain some peace of mind by knowing you have done whatever is within your power to do to prevent being a victim of a criminal.  Guns:  Two guns were reported stolen that were left in unattended, parked vehicles by owners.  These weapons are now on the street in a criminal’s hands.  A third gun was left in a parked vehicle yesterday that was burglarized, but luckily the gun was undiscovered or bypassed by the criminal.  Look into what type of mechanism you can use to keep that firearm safe — the rest of the community and your law enforcement team is counting on lawful gun owners to take steps to secure their firearms.  

Five Times:  I got two subscriber comments yesterday about receiving yesterday’s post five times in their email.  I have notified the web site administrator to please look into and correct this.  Thank you for your patience, patience, patience, patience, patience (just a little humor).

Thank You to the alert citizen who called 242-COPS to report watching a lone male with an unknown tool and a long wire who appeared to be breaking into a vehicle on the block.  This is great information for police, we dispatched someone out to the scene and the citizen caller did a great service to the neighbors and the information helps law enforcement behind the scenes.  Great job — thank you.

Property Crime in the Foothills Area Command on Wednesday, June 8th:

2 Stolen Vehicles:  12200-block of Woodland Avenue NE, 1200-block of Muriel St NE.

4 Residential Burglaries: 1200-block of Muriel St NE, 1200-block of Setter NE, 6000-block of Cortaderia NE, 12900-block of Arroyo De Vis NE.  All four of these reported incidents centered around garage access!

5 Auto Burglaries: Three vehicles at the same address on the 1600-block of Propps NE, 3600-block of Juan Tabo Blvd NE, 4600-block of Eubank Blvd NE.

Be safe everyone — check your vehicles to see what you are leaving behind and research ways to make your garage secure!

Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist / ICPS, NCPS – APD Foothills Area Command