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Memorial Day / Doggie Doors / Garage Doors / Property Crime in the Foothills on Monday, May 23rd

Memorial Day:  As you prepare for Memorial Day and a three-day weekend, APD Foothills Area Command wants to wish you a safe and happy weekend.  If you plan to go out of town for the weekend, remember to put some crime prevention practices in place and ask a trusted neighbor, friend or family member to pick up Friday and Saturday mail, check the porch and driveway for ads or fliers and newspapers, etc. and to provide them with your emergency contact number(s) if there is something of concern.  Remember, if you need to report something to 242-COPS (2677), call from a safe place and give the operator the best description you can.  A little advance preparation before going out of town is always a good idea.  The APD Foothills Substation will be closed on Monday, May 30th in honor of Memorial Day.

Garage Doors:  If you plan to stay home over the upcoming holiday weekend and work on the yard, remember to keep the garage door closed!  An open garage door is an easy access point for a burglar and most homes have doors leading into the dwelling, which gives a burglary additional access to you and your property.  Take the extra crime prevention step by keeping the garage door closed even if working in the back yard.

Doggie Doors:  If you have a doggie door, check the fittings and mechanics of the doggie door to make sure it cannot be easily jiggled apart or dismantled from outside the home.  Doggie doors are access points for burglars, who can wiggle through these small openings or direct a child to go through the doggie door and open up a door or garage door.  If you have a doggie door and no longer use it, it may be time to consider sealing the doggie door off.  A professional in that field can give you options and advise you regarding your particular home/doggie door.

Stay safe,

Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist / ICPS, NCPS – APD, Foothills Area Command

Property Crime in the Foothills on Monday, May 23rd:

1 Robbery to an Individual:  2700-block of Marie Park NE (Lynnewood Park).

3 Stolen Vehicles:  11100-block of Ventura Pl SE, 3400-block of Mountainside Parkway NE, 5300-block of Vista Del Cerro NE.

2 Residential Burglaries: 10700-block of Fairbanks NE, 9900-block of Spain NE.

2 Auto Burglaries:  12900-block of Constitution NE, 4500-block of Morris NE.