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APD Foothills Warning: Soliciting for Yard Work / Following Lone Elderly Females

Please be aware of anyone soliciting door-to-door offering to do yard work or following you in a vehicle when you leave the bank, ATM, grocery store, etc.  Use your Situational Awareness Skills!  Scan the area around you and your vehicle and inside the vehicle before you get behind the wheel or hop out to run your errands. Ask for an escort from the store if you think you may be in an unsafe area.  Do errands with a buddy.  Ladies — leave the purse at home!  It makes you loaded down and a target. If you feel you are being followed home, by pass the home and go to a well-traveled, populated area that is safe and call 242-COPS (2677) to get help and report the incident.

Responding to the solicitor or stranger at the door, it is imperative to keep doors and windows locked when you are at home.  If you have a stranger at the door, I recommend responding through the locked door that you do not welcome solicitors.  If you are home, make your presence known, but do not open the door.

The APD has free “No Solicitor” signs you can post near your door or you can purchase one or make your own.  The APD signs are available at APD substations at no charge; the Foothills only has under 10 for the community after wheeling and dealing to get more — I will keep you posted if I get a shipment of more signs.

Be safe!  Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist / ICPS, NCPS – APD Foothills Area Command