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Property Crimes and VIN Etching: some charge for this service / May 7th will be free —

VIN Etching:  There will be an APD Auto Theft VIN Etching event in the Foothills on Saturday, May 7th at the AAA New Mexico at 10501 Montgomery from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.  This is an auto theft deterrent, and if your vehicle is stolen, it helps law enforcement identify stolen vehicles quickly and accurately.  All that is required is to bring the current vehicle registration and the APD team will etch the VIN number on the glass parts of your vehicle while you wait — it takes only a few minutes.  Some may not be aware, but dealerships often charge for this service and this could be a negotiating point if buying a new vehicle and going through all the invoice items with the dealership.  Also, you may get a small discount from your auto insurance provider if you let them know you took your vehicle to a VIN etching provided by local law enforcement.

Property Crime in the Foothills over the weekend (Fri/Sat/Sun, April 15-16-17)

7 Stolen Vehicles:  300-block of Western Skies SE, 12300-block of Central NE, 12900-block of Central NE, 900-block of Tramway Blvd NE, 2900-block of Eubank Blvd NE, 11400-block of Ralph NE, 4500-block of Morris NE.

5 Residential Burglaries: 300-block of Dorado SE, 12900-block of Central NE, 2100-block of Stevens Dr NE, 2700-block of La Charles NE, 3000-block of Tahiti NE.

Points of entry were open doors, forcing entry via doors at the back of the home and kicking in the front door.  Vacant homes are still being targeted and these are hard to make progress on if the time frame is anywhere from 3 weeks or more since the last time the owner checked on the home or a realtor stopped by the address.  We need you — our extra eyes on the block — to be extra watchful about any suspicious persons or vehicles at homes that you know should be unoccupied.  Call 242-COPS (2677) from a safe place to report anything out of the normal pattern of behavior, provide the best description you can and an officer will be dispatched to check the area.  Do not confront or follow, just make the call to 242-COPS or 911 as appropriate for the situation.

8 Auto Burglaries: 300-block of Western Skies SE, two vehicles at the same address on the 3700-block of Betts NE, two vehicles at the same address on the 1300-block of Nakomis NE, 5000-block of Calle de Tierra NE, 11700-block of Versailles NE, 9800-block of Osuna NE.

Points of entry were via breaking windows and just opening the car door (unlocked) and stealing valuables left inside.

Property Crimes in the Foothills on Monday, April 18th:

2 Stolen Vehicles: 12800-block of Dorado SE, 12400-block of Montgomery Blvd NE.

1 Commercial Burglary: 2100-block of Juan Tabo Blvd NE.

2 Residential Burglaries: Both at the same location on the 1000-block of Tramway Blvd NE.

6 Auto Burglaries: Two vehicles at the same address on the 800-block of Tony Sanchez SE, 500-block of Dorado SE, 3100-block of Jane NE, 4400-block of Roxbury NE, 5800-block of Eubank Blvd NE.

Points of entry to homes were via unlocked doors or forced entries; points of entry into vehicles were by opening unlocked vehicle doors, cutting a convertible’s top open and a few were not specifically noted at the time of my research.

Have a great week,

Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist / ICPS, NCPS – APD Foothills Area Command