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Grandma, I’m in jail and need bail!

Thanks go out to one of our citizens who alerted me she received one of these scam/con phone calls this week.  This is a common telephone scam and users often operate with large lists of phone numbers hoping to get a concerned grandparent to take the bait and wire money under these phony pretenses.

The citizen who alerted me about the phone call they received noted the grandchild who was supposedly in jail and needing bailed out is 3 years old!  Grandparents — this is one of several scams operating out there designed to play on your emotions and the operator of the scam plays on the sense of urgency and crisis.  Other ’emergencies’ used in these scams are that a grandchild is in the hospital and needs money immediately for an emergency procedure/medical care, in a foreign country and had a car wreck or a passport is being held by a mean hotel manager until a bill is paid in full, the grandchild is in a foreign country and was tossed in jail, etc.

If you get a call like this one, hang up and check on your grandchildren or their parents before being taken by a con artist.  Verify directly with family and don’t provide any banking or personal information.

Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist / ICPS, APD – Foothills Area Command