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“Clean Sweep Weekend” – What Did You Find in Your Vehicle? Can You Park in Your Garage Now?

Good morning and happy Leap Day —

I would enjoy hearing back from any readers who participated in “Clean Sweep Weekend” and cleaned out their cars and what you found that you could remove to prevent an auto burglary or that would be damaging to and your family if stolen from your vehicle.

On my end, I found a collection of plastic drinking cups with straws, spare change and doggie treats under the seat that must have gotten lost at some point.  I have no idea why I once thought it was important to keep plastic drinking cups in the car, so those got removed.  The spare change went into my wallet; we don’t see too many parking meters that take quarters these days.  The doggie treats got tossed to Buster who took care of those on the spot.  Going through the glove box I pulled old airport parking punch-cards, juice bar and bagel shop punch-cards that seem to show at the rate I frequent these businesses I may get a free smoothie or bagel sometime in the next decade…I did chose to keep my flashlight, blanket, knit scarf, sweatshirt, hat and extra doggie pick-up bags and my cloth shopping bags secured in the trunk and a box of Kleenex in the center console (allergy season is here).

I hope those who participated or who do a “Clean Sweep Weekend” in the future will provide feedback in the comments section and let us know what you found, any tips you have on removing temptation for an auto burglar, etc.  I am curious if anyone did a “Clean Sweep Weekend” of your garage and created space to park in the garage rather than in the driveway, yard or at the curb.  You will greatly reduce the odds of an auto theft or auto burglary by parking in a secured garage, and I’d enjoy hearing your feedback.

Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist / ICPS, APD – Foothills Area Command