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Foothills Neighborhood Watch Block Captain Forum: Feedback from Wed. 2/101/6

FEEDBACK DATA:  Workshop Wednesday at the Foothills: February 10, 2016 — Neighborhood Watch Block Captain Forum

Most Pressing Issues (from FH NWatch Blk Captains):

  • Perception vs. Reality.
  • Mail Box Thefts.
  • Vacant Homes on the Block.
  • Residential Burglary.
  • Auto Burglary.
  • Lighting: Streets are too dark.
  • Rental Properties in Neighborhood.
  • Lack of Patrol Presence (officers respond only at this point).
  • Want to be on 1st name basis with their Officers/Sgts/Lt/Commander.
  • Graffiti Issues.
  • Speeding/Speed Hump Clarification & Process.
  • Consequences for Criminals/Justice System.
  • Apathy/Complacency from citizens then complaining if crime occurs.
  • Awareness (situational and being ‘eyes on the block’ for officers).

Ideas for Engagement and Involvement for the Block:

  • National Night Out participation.
  • Community Yard Sale.
  • Caroling.
  • Regular Communication:
    • Group Texts, List Serve.
    • Newsletter.
    • Contact Lists: Annual Updating.

Social events with food:

    • Annual BBQ.
    • Wine & Cheese Gathering.
    • Ice Cream Social.
    • Sunday Potlucks on the cul-de-sac/block.
    • Pink Flamingo party (raising the Pink Flamingo flag means the party’s on, come on by for snacks, etc.).

Feedback Comments:

  • Want a Foothills N.Watch Block Captain contact list.
  • Want more interaction with each other, opportunities to get together.
  • to meet, connect, problem-solve and share ideas.
  • Want another FH N.Watch Blk Captain Forum at the Foothills Substation.
  • How to change the Block Captain/get a new Block Captain.
  • Sharing Block Captain challenges and expectations.
  • More ways to connect between the Block Captains.
  • Want to know how to request street lighting, better lighting.
  • Would like a future workshop on domestic violence and drug abuse issues.
  • Want to know about City Council meetings and sharing at those meetings.
  • Want to know pro-active ways to help officers. Citizens are first defense and then officers are called and respond – how to be effective as citizens.
  • More time for next FH N.Watch Blk Captain Forum for each issue.

Thanks to everyone who attended.  These types of forums are important to us to help us understand our community concerns and build stronger communities.

Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist / ICPS, APD – Foothills Area Command