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Welcome our newly formed Neighborhood Watch Group: 1400-1500 block of June St NE

Congratulations to the Foothills Area Command’s newly formed Neighborhood Watch group:  the residents of the 1400 and 1500-block of June Street NE.

We now have residents trained on how to report suspicious or criminal behavior safely and on crime prevention to keep property safer and reduce the odds of being a victim of crime.  This was a group that was able to resurrect a fizzled out Neighborhood Watch and you can do this on your block too!  Just contact Steve Sink, APD Crime Prevention Coordinator, at 244-6644 and get a Starter Kit to either form a new Neighborhood Watch group on your block or get a pre-existing watch group that withered away back up and running again.

Thank you for Jennifer C. and Hilary D. for volunteering to be Co-Captains and to Jan C. for getting the ball rolling and to Jennifer C. and Dan C. for hosting and to the residents who attended the meeting tonight.  These groups are easy to form and effective in helping to form stronger communities a block at a time and assisting local law enforcement.

Stay safe,

Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist / ICPS, APD – Foothills Area Command