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Daily Crime Prevention Tips and Property Crimes on Wed. 02/03/16

1 Armed Robbery to an Individual: 12700-block of Dunes SE.  This occurred in the very early morning hours to a female on foot and her purse was stolen by force by a male/female pair.  If you must walk through areas alone, be alert and scanning the scene for anyone suspicious.  Try to limit what you carry (not hanging off your body or dangling from hands like a purse or tote bag).  Split up your property between pockets:  ID in one pocket, keys in another, cell phone put away and not serving as a distraction to your awareness.  Walk in well lit areas and well traveled areas with potential witnesses who could call 911 for assistance if needed.

1 Vehicle Stolen while left warming up and unattended:  3000-block of Casa Del Norte NE.  This incident took less than 3 minutes to occur from time of owner walking away to the vehicle being stolen.  These commonly occur in the early morning hours and the telltale exhaust stream from warming vehicles is like a beacon to potential offenders cruising through neighborhoods looking for an easy mark.  These crimes are 100% preventable and should not be occurring with the heavy media notifications that were on multiple news outlets over the holidays and warnings from our APD staff at community meetings and posted on social media sites to the public.  If you think this type of crime only happens in ‘bad’ areas, you are incorrect — this is a crime of opportunity and can happen when the risk to an offender is low and the opportunity is too easy to pass up.  Be safe and never leave a vehicle with keys inside, running and walk away.

7 Residential Burglaries: 10000-block of Menaul Blvd NE, 900-block of Opal Pl NE, 11600-block of Love Ave NE, 11200-block of Love Ave NE, 11600-block of Clifford NE, 1800-block of Pitt NE, 4100-block of Camino De La Sierra NE.  Of our 7 residential burglaries yesterday in the Foothills, 3 of those 7 were unforced entries through missing windows covered with cardboard or unlocked front doors.  If you need help assessing the level of security at your home, call the substation and ask for a security assessment with me.  These are part of the Crime Prevention unit’s services and take about an hour.  I will leave you with print literature and a checklist of my recommendations tailored to your home. 

A brief note about fire arm storage/securing:  if you own a gun, please make sure you know about properly storing and securing it.  Look into the variety of gun safes on the market at different price points and levels of protection.  Guns were found in yesterday’s residential burglaries and left behind by the burglars, but the idea that the burglars found the guns and were able to easily pick them up, but had to leave them behind is disturbing.  This is crucial if you have children, grandchildren as well; not only in the event of residential burglary.  Along with the privilege of gun ownership comes a responsibility to properly secure your firearms.  There are resources both nationally and locally to tap into to find the proper way to secure your gun(s). 

Stay safe!

Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist / ICPS, APD – Foothills Area Command