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Daily Crime Prevention Tips / Property Crime on Tuesday in the Foothills

Pre-ven-tive:  Adjective.  Designed or used to prevent or ward off; precautionary.  Thwarting or warding off. 

1 Carjacking: Eubank & Central.

1 Vehicle stolen while left unattended and warming up:  500-block of Figueroa NE.

1 Vehicle stolen while left unattended while charging (hooked up to another vehicle): 2300-block of Elizabeth NE.

4 Vehicles stolen: 300-block of Muriel NE, 12800-block of Turquoise Ave NE, 2900-block of Los Arboles NE, 1700-block of Figueroa NE.

3 Residential Burglaries: 500-block of Doe Lane SE, 12900-block of Central NE, 9900-block of Spain Rd NE.

6 Auto Burglaries: 300-block of Via Vista SE, 700-block of Stephen Moody SE, Copper Trail Head Access parking area, 10000-block of Menaul Blvd NE, 10800-block of Towner NE.

Crime Prevention Tips of the Day:  I led off today’s posting with the American Heritage Dictionary’s definition of “preventive.”  A good majority of the property crimes committed yesterday were preventable crimes.  In fact, across the board, 33% of each category of burglaries and stolen vehicles were preventable crimes if callers had only not walked away, not left vehicles unlocked and had gotten keys back from former roommates and requested a re-key from the rental property manager.  Limit the opportunity for a criminal, secure your property and you will deter and delay a criminal.  Most of crime prevention is just a simple change of habits to newer habits that work in today’s world.  Your goal is to DETER – DELAY – DENY access to your property.  I can teach you how if you attend my monthly “Workshop Wednesdays at the Foothills” or start a Neighborhood Watch group or host a Neighborhood Watch group gathering or become a Foothills Area Command web site subscriber to stay tapped into the daily tips.  Your Foothills Area Command team wants to help our community  — consider attending the many events and meetings we participate in and learn more.  Check the web site events calendar for any public meetings you can attend and workshops where you can get a one-hour monthly session focused on crime prevention methods.

Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist / ICPS, APD – Foothills Area Command