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Property Crime in the Foothills on Fri/Sat/Sun, 01/08-01/10/16. Crime Prevention Tips of the Day!

1 Robbery to an Individual: Sunday on the 10700-block of Lomas Blvd NE.

1 Vehicle Stolen While Left Running/Unattended: Sunday on the 11800-block of Lomas Blvd NE.

5 Stolen Vehicles: Friday on the 10400-block of Gloria Place NE, 11500-block of Lexington NE.  Saturday on 12800-block of Dorado SE and on 1500-block of Eubank Blvd NE.  Sunday on 5800-block of Eubank Blvd NE.

1 Commercial Burglary: 3600-block of Eubank on Saturday.

9 Residential Burglaries: Friday on the 700-block of Stephen Moody SE, 200-block of Figueroa, 13400-block of Fruit NE, 1600-block of Irene NE, 11400-block of Prospect NE, and 13200-block of Sunset Canyon Dr NE.  Saturday on 1300-block of Stutz Dr NE.  Sunday on 100-block of Linda View, 3100-block of Jane Place NE.

13 Auto Burglaries: Friday on 11000-block of Miravista SE, 1000-block of Glacier Bay SE, 11800-block of Isle Royale Place NE, 10800-block of Jewel Cave SE, 1100-block of Salinas SE, 3300-block of Juan Tabo Blvd NE, 9900-block of Montgomery Blvd NE.  Saturday on 10300-block of Cielito Lindo NE, 4100-block of Embudito NE.  Sunday on the 300-block of Maxine NE, two separate incidents at the same location on the 500-block of Tramway Blvd NE, 1000-block of Juan Tabo Blvd NE.

Crime Prevention Tips of the Day:  Regarding the robbery to an individual, this was to a female victim and the offender was a male trying to take her purse by force in a busy parking lot.  Our victim was thrown to the ground in a struggle with this creep/offender.  A word to the ladies:  try to leave the purse at home.  I like to use a small ‘wristlet’ which is a zipper pouch that I can carry on my wrist, but also hook onto my belt loop and tuck into a pants pocket.  All I need to carry for my errand is inside:  cell phone, key fob, driver’s license, credit card and a $20.  Try to keep your hands free and leave the purse at home.  Situational awareness is key as well to avoid being a victim of this type of crime.  Scan the parking lot before exiting your vehicle or the business before you walk to your vehicle.  If it doesn’t feel right, re-think things.  Watch for anyone in a parking lot who doesn’t appear to have legitimate business being there:  not on the way to their vehicle, not on their way into the business, loitering, walking up and down aisles looking into vehicles, etc.  I am considering another “Workshop Wednesday at the Foothills” this year on Crime Prevention for Women and we can go over these types of situations and what to do; watch this web site for future workshops and information on topics and how to sign up.  I want to help women feel safer and more aware and these one-hour workshops will allow you to walk out the door with loads of prevention tips you can put into place easily.

Our vehicle stolen while left unattended and running while the victim walked away on Sunday was 100% preventable.  Although the vehicle had a ‘kill switch’ or mechanism designed to stop the car within a 2 mile range of being stolen, I have no information as of today that the vehicle was recovered.  Did it work properly?  I don’t know.  These are dangerous situations with unpredictable and desperate people — why put yourself, your vehicle, what’s in the vehicle at the time of theft (including children, family, pets, and property) at risk by not taking the time to shut off the engine, take the keys and lock up?  Please think twice about this type of scenario and properly assess the risks. 

Residential and Auto Burglaries continue and the odds of being a victim of these types of crimes will be greatly reduced by controlling your environment.  Locking up, securing doggie doors, keeping garage doors closed at home and removing all items of value from vehicles when parking will make your property less vulnerable. 

Just to point out what type of items are left inside vehicles I’ll list what was taken over the weekend from vehicles (in no particular order):  2 stereo systems, 3 back packs, shoes, clothing from 2 separate locations, headphones, $50 cash, Social Security cards, vending machine candy, multiple sets of papers with personal information, 2 vehicle titles from 2 separate incidents/locations, radar detector, snowboard equipment, multiple credit and debit cards, a passport, 2 duffle bags from 2 different vehicles, 2 laptops from 2 different locations/vehicles, garage door opener to home, 2 handicap placards from two separate incidents/locations.

The property stolen can be traded, fenced, pawned, taken and re-sold at a flea market, used to commit fraud, forgery, and identity theft.  Per our APD White Collar Crimes detectives, the average identity theft case takes about 2 years for the victim to resolve and the burden to do so is on the victim at this point in time.  We have to rethink some old habits that don’t serve us any longer, and leaving property inside unattended vehicles is perfect to tackle as a new way of behavior for our new year. 

Resolve to make 2016 the year you start applying crime prevention practices and it will be second nature before you know it.  It’s not a terrible world outside your front door, we just need to start approaching things differently regarding controlling our own environments.

Stay safe,

Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist / ICPS, APD – Foothills Area Command