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Crime Prevention Tip of the Day and Property Crime in the Foothills on Monday, 01/04/16

6 Stolen Vehicles; 1 Stolen while left unattended & warming up:  The warm-up auto theft was on the 11000-block of Claremont NE, the other stolen vehicles were on the 12100-block of Tomlinson SE, 400-block of Western Skies SE, 600-block of Dorado SE, 13000-block of Jason Court NE, 1700-block of Figueroa NE.

1 Residential Burglary: 1100-block of Muriel NE.

1 Auto Burglary: 300-block of Western Skies SE.

What items were stolen from parked/unattended vehicles yesterday:  Identification and a passport.

Crime Prevention Tips of the Day:  I am seeing a high number of stolen vehicles in the Foothills.  There are several anti-theft tools on the market to help you keep your wheels out of the hands of a criminal.  The simplest, of course, is to never leave a vehicle running, keys inside and walk away!  How many things in life are 100%?  This is one of them — you can reduce your chances of having your vehicle stolen 100% by not leaving it running and walking away.  I hear comments from the community about this and pointing out to me, ‘well Jill, the windows are rolled up’ or ‘but it’s locked’ — this is not a hindrance to a criminal intent on stealing a vehicle.  They will pop or punch a lock or simply break the window to get at that easy target.  They really don’t care about damaging your vehicle to get inside.

One of the interesting things about crime prevention is the big increase in tools and tech on the market to add to your toolbox to prevent auto theft.  You can go with the latest alarms, or go with a simple steering wheel lock, ignition kill switch, etc — low tech to high tech — it’s up to you to chose what works for you and your lifestyle

I am surprised to continue to see these ‘warm up’ auto thefts, especially after the recent case where a toddler was inside the vehicle and the criminal took it anyway with this precious little bundle inside and terrified.  Think twice — and spread the word to family, friends and neighbors if you see them leaving their vehicle warming up in the driveway or parking lot at your rental community.  By spreading the word together, we can reduce these needless auto theft cases and not attract a criminal element to your neighborhood or rental community.

Stay safe and lock up!

Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist / ICPS, APD – Foothills Area Command