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Crime Prevention Tip of the Day and Property Crime in the Foothills on Tue 12/22/15

3 Stolen Vehicles, 1 of those 3 stolen with keys inside while running.  11200-block of Mahlon, 13100-block of Candelaria, 12500-block of Crestline.

2 Commercial Burglaries: 3600-block of Juan Tabo, 11100-block of Candelaria.

4 Residential Burglaries: 400-block of Avital, 12500-block of Crestline, 2500-block of Chelwood Park Blvd, 5700-block of Teakwood.

8 Auto Burglaries: 700-block of Parkside, three vehicles at same address on 52200-block of Kinley, Embudo Canyon Trail parking area, 10300-block of Cielito Lindo, 3600-block of Holiday Ave, 5800-block of Nuggett.

Crime Prevention Tips of the Day:  Secure your property and you will greatly reduce your odds of being targeted by a criminal.

Key custody for vehicles who has your keys?  Are they still trustworthy to have those keys?  Lock up.  Never leave a vehicle running with the keys inside and walk away.  This is a 100% preventable type of crime – – how many things in life are 100% preventable? 

Where is your garage door opener right now?  In an unlocked vehicle?  In a vehicle parked outside overnight?  Bring in your garage door openers, vehicle registration and insurance papers and firearms.  Leave nothing of value or visible in the vehicle when you park and walk away.

Do you keep that garage door closed?  One point of entry for a burglary is commonly via an open garage door or an unsecured garage (not locking up side doors, etc.).  Garage door openers are being stolen from parked vehicles and used to commit residential burglary at a later time.  Don’t risk it — take a moment to bring these types of items inside from vehicles when you park and walk away.

Firearms left in parked vehicles:  We had another one stolen out of parked vehicle in the Foothills Area Command yesterday.  Please be responsible and secure your firearm.  This act of burglary elevates a common property crime offender into an armed an potential violent crime offender, threatening the safety of your law enforcement team and the community.

Items stolen from vehicles yesterday in 24 hours:  Garage door opener, vehicle registration and insurance paperwork, tools from a company vehicle, stereo system, 45 caliber gun, banking documents and mail.  Give yourself the gift of peace of mind this holiday season by knowing you have practiced crime prevention methods to keep your property secure.

Stay safe, Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist / ICPS – APD, Foothills Area Command