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Crime Prevention Tip of the Day and Property Crime in the Foothills over the Weekend

A few words about crime prevention and the property crimes activity over the weekend…

Two more firearms were stolen from vehicles over the weekend in the Foothills Area Command.  Please be responsible with your firearms and secure them properly.

One more vehicle stolen warming up and left unattended in the Foothills Area Command.  This is a 100% preventable crime.  From the time the owner walked away until realizing the vehicle had been stolen, only 10 minutes elapsed.  This is a preventable crime — don’t take the risk and think it can’t happen to you!

Garage doors:  Remember to think of your garage door as the largest door to your home.  Would you leave your front door open overnight and sleep soundly inside with your family?  Would you be surprised in you left your garage door open all night and things were stolen?  Make checking your garage door a priority.  Be a good neighbor and notify someone on your block if they have left their garage door (the biggest door to their home) open.

Items stolen from vehicles over the weekend:  smash & grabs – A smash & grab is when a window is broken to get inside a vehicle to grab items left inside.  We had double-digit auto burglaries this weekend, and the majority were smash & grabs.  The criminals were attracted to purses, wallets, IDs (drivers licenses and Social Security cards), vehicle registration and insurance papers, a briefcase, a tablet, $300 cash, multiple tools, a GPS system, a radar system, a laptop and a Glock 27 firearm all left behind in parked vehicles this weekend.  You will greatly reduce your odds of being a victim by removing all items of value,  leaving nothing visible inside a vehicle and locking the vehicle.  Over the weekend these burglaries were at single-family residential neighborhoods, apartment complex parking lots, churches, restaurants and family entertainment locations.

9 Stolen Vehicles: 500-block of Zena Lona, 9700-block of Menaul, 11100-block of Claremont, 12400-block of Towner, 1500-block of Tramway, 1200-block of Chelwood Park Boulevard, 3000-block of Juan Tabo, 13000-block of Claremont and the 12500-block of Central (left unattended with keys inside and warming up when stolen).

4 Commercial Burglaries: 1400-block of Eubank NE, 1900-block of Juan Tabo, 10800-block of Academy Rd NE, 11800-block of Lomas.

6 Residential Burglaries: 11800-block of Canyonlands SE, 1000-block of Monte Largo NE, 600-block of Mark Dr NE, 400-block of Camino de la Sierrra, 100-block of Hotel Circle, 1200-block of Paisano NE.

14 Auto Burglaries: 11100-block of Jewel Cave SE, 200-block of Trimble NE, 10600-block of Lomas, 11600-block of Menaul, Tramway/Central, Embudo Park parking area, 9800-block of Montgomery, 12400-block of Montgomery (2 vehicles at same location), Elena Gallegos parking area, 5300-block of Eubank, 5000-block of Noreen, 4700-block of Juan Tabo (3 vehicles at same address), 11300-block of Academy Ridge NE.

Please use the crime prevention information I have provided to your advantage to be safer and protect your property.  For more crime prevention education, come to my 2016 “Workshop Wednesdays at the Foothills” workshops and subscribe to this web site.  Consider starting a Neighborhood Watch group on your block in 2016.  Book a home security assessment in 2016 and I’ll visit your home and leave you with a checklist of recommendations.  If you own or manage a rental property, come to our free day-long workshop on preventing crime at rental properties next April and October through the Crime Free Multi-Housing program. Make crime prevention a part of daily life to greatly reduce your odds of being a victim of a burglar.

Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist / ICPS, APD – Foothills Area Command