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Crime Prevention Tip of the Day / Property Crime on Tuesday, 11/24/15

1 Armed Robbery to an Individual:   12300-block of  Central NE

1 Stolen Vehicle600-block of Nathan SE

2 Stolen Vehicles left unattended and warming up, keys inside: 100% Preventable Crime! 12800-block of Menaul, 3700-block of Tracy NE.  Time delays from walking away to realizing vehicle was stolen?  Six minutes and 20 minutes.

1 Commercial Burglary:  10800-block of Academy

2 Residential Burglaries:  3100-block of Britt NE, 11400-block of Lexington NE

4 Auto Burglaries: 12000-block of Skyline, 12100-block of Turquoise Ct NE, 11700-block of Copper Pl NE, 14200-block of  Copper

Crime Prevention Tips of the Day:  Please don’t leave your vehicles running and left unattended This increases during the cold weather winter months and criminals look specifically for these types of easy opportunities to steal vehicles.  The troubling aspect of this behavior is also that it attracts a criminal element to your neighborhood as an easy place to steal a vehicle.  Take the few extra seconds to properly secure your property and prevent a crime.

Our residential burglaries were somewhat preventable too:  one home was left vacant and no one noticed the front door was kicked in and the home burglarized until the realtor came by to check on the home.  The other home had a faulty lock on a door that was not repaired and that was exploited to gain entry to the home.  Please make those repairs as soon as you can to broken locks, doors, etc to prevent being victimized by a criminal who will exploit that vulnerability.  Please be extra eyes on the block for police if you see suspicious persons around a vacant home or a home where you know that neighbor has gone on vacation or is normally at work.  A simple call to 242-COPS from a place where you are safe will help your neighborhood when reporting suspicious, casing or criminal behavior.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving — you won’t see any posts here until December 14th or so, so please practice crime prevention and think about forming a Neighborhood Watch group on your block in 2016!  You can get a Neighborhood Watch Starter Kit from Steve Sink (244-6644) in the meantime to learn about how easy these groups are to form and how they help you, your block and your police department.

Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist / ICPS, APD – Foothills Area Command