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Crime Prevention Tips of the Day / Daily Watch Notes for Wed. September 23, 2015

0 Robberies, 0 Commercial Burglaries

3 Stolen Vehicles: 11600-block of Constitution NE, 12600-block of Montgomery Blvd NE, 4500-block of Morris NE.

4 Residential Burglaries: 1700-block of Blume NE, 13900-block of Indian School Rd NE, 10400-block of Casador Del Oso NE, 11300-block of Ridgeline NE.

5 Auto Burglaries: 10400-block Bellamah NE, 12200-block of Kinley NE, 1600-block of Paisano NE, 4200-block of Spanish Bit NE, 4600-block of Eubank Blvd NE.

Crime Prevention Tips: We had another firearm stolen out of an unattended vehicle yesterday.  Also a knife, back pack and drivers license.  We have got to take personal responsibility for removing all items of value from our vehicles when we park and walk away.  It is disturbing to me that yet another firearm is in a criminal’s hands due to not bringing a gun into the home and properly securing that gun.  I know it’s frustrating that you can’t leave items inside vehicles and walk away, but this is an old habit that no longer works today.  Please help keep our streets a little safer by removing ALL items of value from your vehicle when you park, especially weapons.

Our residential burglaries yesterday showed criminals broke into homes by breaking a window at the back of the home, entering through an open window, merely walking into an unsecured home and the fourth one didn’t have enough information at the time of my post to determine how entry was made.  We had a neighbor note that at one burglary location the dogs in the area were barking.  If you are alerted by commotion or dogs suddenly barking like crazy, safely take a peek out of a window or door.  If you see someone attempting to kick in or pry open a front door or garage door or attempting to bypass fencing and gates to get to the back yard, call 242-COPS from a safe place and report that activity.  You could be the one who prevents a burglary, alerts police to a burglary in progress or helps with information on a suspicious person that may be helpful to another case or is part of the bigger picture that APD needs to keep you safer.  Do not follow, chase, confront — just pick up the phone and report it 242-COPS or 911 from a safe place.

Our auto thefts were all north of I-40 yesterday, but in varied locations (single-family residence, apartment complex and fast food restaurant parking lot).  I have been seeing a small trend of restaurant employee’s vehicles being stolen.  If you think about it, these victims normally have to park in out-of-sight areas to leave prime parking for customers, they work long shifts and are not able to keep an eye on their vehicles from inside the restaurant and take breaks after hours of being on the job.  If you or someone you care about works at a restaurant and drives/parks there, remind them to team up with other employees to keep an eye on each other’s vehicles in the lot when they can, to lock up, to only carry what they need to get to work and back (that means bringing along minimal items that can be safely locked in an employee locker at work or kept on their person in a pocket or fanny pack).  These have been at restaurants along main traffic corridors like Tramway, Juan Tabo and Eubank with easy I-40 access.  I do security assessments for businesses and would be happy to book an appointment with owners/managers and make recommendations on security — call me at 332-5240.

Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist / ICPS, APD – Foothills Area Command