Daily Watch Notes: Property Crime in the Foothills on Thursday, September 10, 2015

1 Car Jacking (Robbery/auto): 2500-block of Madre NE.

1 Robbery (Commercial): 12600-block of Central NE.

1 Stolen Vehicle: 700-block of Stephen Moody SE.

3 Residential Burglaries: 600-block of Burma NE, 10400-block of Marble NE, 2500-block of Chelwood Park Blvd NE.

1 Auto Burglary: 3300-block of Juan Tabo Blvd NE.

Crime Prevention tips of the day based on these cases: The robberies are unusual for the Foothills Area Command and are crimes of opportunity.  The vehicle that was stolen yesterday was left unattended with the keys inside and subsequently stolen.  As a community, we must do better with properly securing our property.  Two of our three residential burglaries yesterday occurred at vacant homes with no occupants and the third residence was entered by criminal(s) through an unlocked window.  If you have a vacant home on your block, I ask that you serve as an extra set of eyes on the property and report anyone suspicious at the property to 242-COPS from a safe place.  Our lone auto burglary was a break in at a very busy parking lot along a major traffic arterial and the wallet and IDs of the victim were stolen.  Locking doors, windows, not leaving keys in an unattended vehicle, removing all items of value from our vehicles when we park and walk reduce the odds of being a victim of crime.  Start practicing crime prevention and spread the word!  Just a small change of habit can have big results.

Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist / ICPS, APD – Foothills Area Command


  • Steve Gonzales

    This notice is a repeat of yesterday.