Grab Bag: Questions I’ve Received and Some Recommendations/Answers

Here are some assorted questions I have received on this web site and nextdoor.com and my responses (in italics):

1) Warn people about putting work hours, schedules, phone numbers on social media.  Thanks to W. from Towne Park; good points.  Use caution with revealing personal information on any type of social media, including nextdoor.com and over the phone to strangers too.  Check your settings to reveal only what you want revealed about you, your location, etc.

2) I want to attend the “Workshop Wednesdays at the Foothills” – how do I sign up?  Thank you for the support!  I will post on this web site, nextdoor.com’s Foothills section and place fliers in the Foothills Substation lobby about the upcoming monthly workshop 2-3 weeks prior to the workshop and notify the public through these platforms at about the same time to give everyone a fair shot at RSVP’ing.  We have 28 seats, so the room fills quickly.  If you sign on as a subscriber to this web site (Foothills Area Command), you will get a generated email sent to you when I post, so you do not have to remember to check the web site. 

3)  Is it true the Criminal Nuisance Abatement Unit (CNAU) has been done away with?  I know several of the officers who were part of the unit retired.  If you have a concern about a criminal nuisance property, call 242-COPS (2677) and an officer will be dispatched.  If you have concerns about a property with litter, weeds, abandoned vehicles, roaches, bed bugs, graffiti, nuisance or dangerous conditions, call the Citizens Contact Center (dial 311) and the information will be routed to the appropriate city department (ex, Planning’s Code or Zoning, Solid Waste, Environmental Health, etc.).

4) At one time we had a Neighborhood Watch group, but no one has talked about it in years.  Do we still have one?  If you haven’t had contact from a Block Captain in years, it’s safe to assume the group has fizzled out.  Call Steve Sink, APD Crime Prevention Manager, at 244-6644 to get a Starter Kit to re-activate it and some historical data/see if the watch group has been placed on ‘inactive’ status.  These groups are only as effective as the citizens are who form them — get a communication list (whether it’s phone numbers, emails, texting, Facebook, etc.) for neighbors, have a few social events a year, welcome anyone new to the block, etc. — these groups are citizen-initiated and citizen-driven, so it is up to the block to form them and keep them rolling!  Block Captain designations are decided by the group – APD Crime Prevention does not appoint or remove Neighborhood Watch Block Captains, the position can be shared by more than one person and if your Block Captain moves, get someone to take over and notify APD Crime Prevention so we have a point of contact.

5) Difference between APD Foothills Area Command web site and nextdoor.com:  I post Daily Watch Notes and all crime prevention information from APD Foothills Area Command on our web site, www.foothillsareacommand.com.  I can only post and am blocked from seeing your posts and chats on nextdoor.com.  Nextdoor.com is your site and I am a contributor.  The Foothills web site has a community conversation option, and I will share information about upcoming APD or APD Foothills Area Command events on our web site.  I do not monitor nextdoor.com and use it only to post information on a broad basis.

 Extra patrols can be requested through 332-5240 either through our Foothills Area Command staff in a Periodic Watch Request or by asking for a supervisor to discuss what you are experiencing.  If criminal or suspicious activity is not reported through 911 or 242-COPS, APD staff will not see the patterns that help us focus field officers and specialized units.  Our data of times, days of week, suspect descriptions, methods of entry, etc. all go into the bigger picture, and if these things are not reported through 242-COPS, we don’t have the data we need to determine the best response on APD’s end.



Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist / ICPS, APD – Foothills Area Command


  • Janet Butts

    Thank you, once again, Jill for EXCELLENT communications with the community!