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You Asked, I Am Answering: Workshop Feedback Form Responses (8/12/15)


Thanks to everyone who attended the August 12th “Workshop Wednesday at the Foothills” session on Crime Prevention for the Home. Here are some answers to questions/comments from the Feedback Forms you completed.

1) Where do I find out about gun safety?

The National Rifle Association has excellent programs and I would also recommend checking with a local gun range or gun shop for recommendations.

2) What do I do if a burglary occurs when I am home asleep?

These are rare occurrences, but they do happen. Most burglaries happen during the middle of the week, in the middle of the day. Use my tips to ‘layer your target (home) with protective measures.’ If a burglar was to enter your home while you are inside, I recommend you get out immediately to a place where you can safely call 911. Please remember, these are rare and most offenders do not want to encounter you. Have a plan in place for what I call “what if” situations.

3) How can I find out about crime rates?

Two suggestions for you: One, see and sign on as a subscriber to our APD Foothills Area Command web site. You will get auto-emails of my Daily Watch Notes with Daily Crime Prevention Tips and be up to speed on property crimes in the Foothills Area Command. Two, log on to and sign up as a subscriber to receive alert e-mails for the crime types you select at the address or intersection you select.

4) How can I find out about arrests being made?

“The Albuquerque Journal ” has a section on their web site for this information. Some of the local news station web sites also carry this type of information.

5) Have you heard about animal thefts lately?

No, I haven’t, nor have our Foothills officers noted any such cases to me.

6) Why can’t we get more police presence?

Our officers do the best they can, but they are spread thin and have to respond first to calls for service (911 and 242-COPS) and can then do self-initiated patrolling or focused patrols in between those calls.

One way you can help and pull together with us at APD as a community is to form a Neighborhood Watch group. These groups get trained by APD Crime Prevention in what to watch for and how to safely report it to police without patrolling, confronting or chasing others. Why not be pro-active and serve as extra eyes on the block? These groups are helpful to local law enforcement and are easy to form – call Steve Sink at 244-6644 to ask for a Starter Kit and you’ll be on your way.

7) I want a future workshop on:

Hiker Safety/Park/Open Space Safety

Teen Safety and the Internet

Personal Security and Self Defense

A Brain-storming Session on Gadgets and Devices for Security.

All terrific ideas for future Workshop Wednesdays at the Foothills! I will look into offering these topics in 2016.

About the Gadgets and Devices idea: This may be a more appropriate conversation on or the APD Foothills Web Site as an interactive community conversation you get started on-line.

8) Can you be more specific about cameras?

I recommend doing some more research, asking around and seeking out answers to your particular set-up/situation. There are so many systems and set-ups that it’s hard for me to be more specific.

9) Please give advice about pan-handlers.

The Citizens Contact Center (dial 311) is set up to take calls on panhandlers. I don’t recommend handing over money – call ‘311’ and report it. If at a business / private property, please report it to the management. No legitimate business wants their customers to feel unsafe on their premises. If aggressive, please call 242-COPS (2677) from a place where you are safe.

10) Will you host a “Workshop Wednesday at the Foothills” for the Albuquerque Block Captain Association or the Foothills Neighborhood Watch Block Captains?

I think this is a good candidate for a 2016 “Workshop Wednesday at the Foothills” session. Thanks for the great idea.

Thanks to everyone who attended the August 12th “Crime Prevention for the Home” Workshop Wednesday. I appreciate your support.

Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist / ICPS

APD, Foothills Area Command

12800 Lomas Blvd NE

Albuquerque, NM 87112

(505) 332-5240