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Daily Watch Notes: Property Crime in the Foothills on Friday, 7/31/15

0 Robberies involving Vehicles (car jacking), Residences (home invasion) or to individuals.

1 Robbery at a business:  12900-block of Indian School Road NE.

3 Stolen Vehicles: 400-block of Dorado SE, 10800-block of Towner NE and 10400-block of Love NE.

0 Commercial Burglaries.

3 Residential Burglaries: 12300-block of Phoenix NE, 5800-block of Klondike NE, 11800-block of Persimmon NE.

0 Auto Burglaries.

Crime Prevention Tips to Reduce Your Odds of Being a Victim:

A word about key custody: Two of the three stolen vehicles were reported by callers to be committed by a family member and an ex-boyfriend.  The offenders were known to the victims.  Unless these vehicles were hot-wired, which is not indicated at this time, they were most likely stolen using a key.  Review who has your keys to your vehicle – relationships sour, people who were once trusted with a vehicle change and may not be trust-worthy anymore, or maybe the spot where you keep your vehicle keys isn’t a good one if others can take your keys.

The residential burglaries on Friday were committed by offenders getting into homes via windows (bathroom), forcing open the front door and breaking a window.  Go outside when you get home today and take a look at your windows and front door.  Are the sight lines clear so others could call police if they saw someone trying to make entry to your home?  Do you make it a habit to lock all doors and windows?  Can you add additional locks or anti-lift/anti-slide mechanisms to your sliding glass doors and window?  Is your front door fortified with long screws into the strike plates, a deadbolt, perhaps a security door that is going to thwart a forced entry through the front door?

If you want to have a home security assessment, call me at the Foothills substation (332-5240) to set up an appointment.  These visits take about 45 minutes and I will leave the home owner with a checklist of recommendations.

Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist / ICPS, APD – Foothills Area Command