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Daily Watch Notes: Property Crime in the Foothills on Tuesday, July 14th

0 Robberies involving Vehicles (car jacking), commercial or to individuals.

1 Robbery at a Residence (home invasion): 100-block of Hotel Circle at hotel being used as a residence.

3 Stolen Vehicles: 12000-block of Skyline Rd NE, 5000-block of Miguel Court NE, 4400-block of Morris NE.

2 Commercial Burglaries: 100-block of Hotel Circle, 2900-block of Juan Tabo NE.

1 Residential Burglary: 300-block of Serenity Court SE.

9 Auto Burglaries: Three at same address on 200-block of Western Skies SE, 800-block of Pawnee NE, 800-block of Marie Park NE, 1800-block of Buffalo Dancer NE, 10200-block of Cielito Lindo NE, two at same address on 10200-block of Karen NE.

Crime Prevention Tips: Our home invasion yesterday was highly unusual; these are rare and it occurred in a commercial area at a hotel being used as an apartment.  Always use the eye viewer (peephole) in the door before opening the door to anyone you have not invited and do not know.  At home, teach your kids to use the eye viewer and to indicate someone is home if a stranger is at the door.  Come up with a response as a family and train the kiddos so they know how to react.  If they are too short to use the peephole or a resident has a disability that doesn’t allow them to use the eye viewer, make adjustments and provide a step stool for a child to access that eye viewer.

I have to continue to remind you to help me spread the word about parking vehicles outside, overnight and leaving them unlocked and with valuables inside.  We cannot afford to practice this behavior any longer.  Change this habit starting today.  Among the items left in vehicles that were stolen yesterday:  CDs, cash, keys to another vehicle, vehicle registrations and vehicle insurance papers, wallet, drivers licenses, debit and credit cards, checks and checkbooks, Social Security card, iPhone, work access credentials to a national security site.  These items will likely be used to commit further crimes.  You control your environment — lock up, park in your garage, remove ALL items of value from your vehicles.  If you must park in the driveway or at an apartment complex parking lot, park where there is good lighting and potential witnesses with good sight lines.  There are many types of anti-theft devices on the market for vehicles at all price points that may work for your situation.

I am seeing attempts at stealing vehicles when the auto burglary is being committed – don’t let this happen to you.  Control your environment and secure your property.

Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist / ICPS, APD – Foothills Area Command