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National Night Out Event Ideas Workshop: Ideas from Last Night’s Workshop

APD Foothills:  Ideas from July 9th National Night Out Ideas Session (NNO is on Tuesday, August 4th this year)

Here are the ideas generated at last night’s workshop:

  •  Food Trucks: invite, stage a Food Truck Rodeo (may need to check about permit/zoning – call “311” for instructions)
  • Combine your event with other blocks/groups
  • Music / other talents: Utilize the talent on your block, at your local school or worship center
  • Donated food from nearby businesses/restaurants (check with Environmental Health for rules/regs, call “311”)
  • Ask business to participate and bring coupons to the event
  • Assign dish categories (avoid the ‘5 potato salads’ situation)
  • Access local cheer squads to involve teens
  • Games / fun contests / lots of activities to involve all ages
  • Watermelon seed-spitting contest / watermelon eating contest
  • Funny bikes (unicycles, etc.): Boy Scout organization should have info
  • Sidewalk chalk invitations on driveway or path – involve children
  • Build excitement: weekly emails about the event up through NNO
  • Make it a ‘giving event’ with donations for a selected organization
  • Have a kids parade, decorate tricycles/bicycles, have a pet parade
  • Set up crafts tables for kids; use the decorations/crafts for a future event for the block (ex: Halloween party, etc.)
  • Use children’s drawings to decorate the event
  • Police officers like to receive children’s drawings – make it an activity at the event and present the drawings to the officer at the event
  • Lieutenant Middleton has a white Tahoe SUVs and is okay with children doing practice drawings and copying them onto the SUV with dry eraser markers, using his vehicle as a canvas. As long as he can erase it when he leaves the event, he’s happy to have his SUV as a canvas for creative little ones.
  • Ask City of Albuquerque departments if they can participate, for example: Rock Climbing Wall (Park & Rec), APD Specialized Units (horse-mounted unit, BAT Mobile, etc).
  • If you need a permit, here are tips from Cindy & Willie J. who had a large and successful neighborhood block party:
  • Start the permit process early
  • Find out about the rules for music (amplified)
  • Ask about whether barricades are needed and the rules/regs
  • Food rules: Environmental Health can explain rules/regs  

Thanks for participating and supporting my workshops!

Remember to register your National Night Out events through “311” Citizens Contact Center by July 31st.

Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist / ICPS, APD – Foothills Area Command