Workshop Wednesdays! New Community Program at the Foothills Substation

APD Foothills Crime Prevention will be hosting free, one hour community workshops on a Wednesday evening once a month to provide you with crime prevention information and resources. Workshops will be held at the Foothills Substation (12800 Lomas Blvd NE).

Come by the substation for an hour and leave with resources or training to reduce your odds of being a victim of crime.

Workshop information will be available at:

  • The Foothills Area Command’s web site, www.foothillsareacommand.com, in the Crime Prevention sections and on the Events Calendar.
  • Posted on nextdoor.com (for Foothills community).
  • Foothills Substation lobby on flier display stand.


Upcoming topics:

  • Wed. July 29th: Rental Resources (for Residents and Owners)
  • Wed. August 9th: to be determined!
  • Wed. September 23rd: ID Theft, Cons, Scams: How to Protect Yourself
  • Wed. October 21st: Crime Prevention for Women
  • Wed. November 18th: Holiday Crime Prevention


Questions? Want a particular topic explored at a future Workshop Wednesday? Need special accommodations due to a disability issue? Call:

Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist / ICPS at 332-5240

  • Janet Butts

    Thank you Jill, for your excellent efforts to help the community fight crime!

    • Thank you – I appreciate the feedback. It’s a community problem and it will take a community response!

  • Barbara Shirrod

    Sounds great. Have you determined a time? (Or did I miss that info somewhere in the email? )

    • Hi Barbara, The Workshop Wednesday workshops will all start at 5:30 p.m. unless otherwise noted on individual fliers. I’ll post upcoming workshops here, on nextdoor.com, and leave fliers in the Foothills Substation lobby. I hope you will come to one — the first one is 7/29 at 5:30 here at 12800 Lomas on Rental Resources (for owners, renters and anyone interested). Thanks for the comment – Jill