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Daily Watch Notes: Property Crime in the Foothills on Wed, April 22nd

Robberies:  0 (car jackings, home invasions, commerical or to individuals)

Stolen Vehicles:  0

Commercial Burglary:  0

Residential Burglary:  1 on the 12300-block of Key West. 

Auto Burglary:  2; one on the 12200-block of Woodland and one on the 10700-block of Academy Rd NE.

Remember, leaving property inside unattended vehicles makes your vehicle a good target for an auto burglary.  Even an old gym bag or back pack left inside a vehicle can attract a criminal. 

We need everyone’s willingness to serve as extra eyes for law enforcement.  Neighborhood Watch groups are helpful because neighbors are trained on what to watch for and how to report suspcious activity to APD, are united with a common focus and build cooperation by hosting a few social events a year.  Why not start one on your block or re-start one that has fizzled out?  Call me (332-5240) or Steve Sink, APD Crime Prevention Manager (244-6644) to find out how to get a Neighborhood Watch group formed on your block.

Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist, APD/Foothills Area Command