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Simple things to remember when using our Foothills trails, Open Space areas…

 We went over this subject briefly in the last “Crime Prevention for Women” workshop I hosted at the Foothills Substation in March.  With warmer weather and longer days now here, you may find these tips useful.

 Dear Foothills Neighbors,

I’d like to share some crime prevention information with you geared towards the activities that we all enjoy in our beautiful city’s open space areas. When using our trails and paths in the open space areas, along Tramway, and our beautiful parks, please do not hesitate to report suspicious behavior by calling 242-COPS (2677) from a safe place.

 Here are 3 simple things to remember, my “3 As”:

Awareness: Aware of who is around you and what they are doing.

Alert: You can see and hear those around you.

Acknowledging those you encounter.  A simple “hi” or nod of the head to a passerby on the trails sends multiple messages. 1) You are aware, 2) You would be able to describe that person because you acknowledged them, and 3) You are not timid nor confrontational, but confident to have eye contact and go about your walk, run or ride. 4) If something happened to you, the person you acknowledged could describe you to 911 if you had an accident or medical episode.

I’ll even toss in a B and a C for you too! 

Buddy: Go with a buddy. 

Cell Phone: Emergency (911) or 242-COPS (2677) non-emergency.  Use your cell for emergencies only — don’t allow yourself to be unaware of others approaching you by vehicle, bicycle, or on foot.  Your safety and well being are dependent upon your level of awareness.  Why not enjoy the soundtrack nature provides?

 Here’s a V for good measure:

Visibility.  Remain visible where you go.  You have potential witnesses or ‘helpers’ if you injure yourself, have a medical episode or run into trouble.  Staying on the trail prevents possibly becoming lost and also preserves the native habitat.

 Enjoy the trails, paths and parks we have to offer, but play it safe by using the 3As, B, C, and V tips.

 Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist, APD, Foothills Area Command