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Property Crime in the Foothills: Friday, Saturday, Sunday — April 3-5, 2015

No Robberies (Businesses, Residential, Individuals, Car Jackings).

Stolen Vehicles:  5, 2 on Friday and 3 on Saturday.  On 1900-block of White Cloud, 10700-block of Academy, 9700-block of Salem, 3000-block of Jane and 12800-block of Indian School.  Four of the five occurred between 0514 and 0825 hours.  Items of value left inside the vehicles that were stolen (cell phone, purse, wallet, IDs).

No Commercial or Residential Burglaries.

Auto Burglaries:  4; 1 on Friday, 2 on Saturday, 1 on Sunday.  Half were to unlocked vehicles.  These occurred on the 11400-block of Ralph, 3500-block of Yosemite (2 on the one block), 3700-block of Camino Don Diego. 

When you park, remove all items of value (including garage door openers, papers with your personal information too).  Lock your vehicle.  Park in your garage.  You can greatly reduce your odds of being a victim of auto burglary and vehicle theft by just doing these simple things. 

Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist, APD/Foothills Area Command