Daily Watch Notes: Property Crime in the Foothills, Tuesday March 3, 2015

Robberies (Commercial, Residence or to an Individual):  0

Stolen Vehicles:  0

Burglary, Commercial:  0

Burglary, Residential:  2, one on the 6300-block of Eubank and one on the 11000-block of Academy. 

One of these cases involved a stranger at the door who incorrectly gauged that no one was in the home and came around the back of the house via an unlocked back door to encounter the resident.  The offender got away by running through a neighbor’s yard.

Please remember these two things: 

1) if you are home and a stranger is at your door, indicate your presence through the locked door.  You do not want the person to assume the home is vacant and a good target for a burglary.  Most offenders don’t want to meet you either while committing a burglary!  The Foothills Substation (12800 Lomas) has an ample supply of “No Solicitor” signage and the APD Crime Prevention companion piece “Door to Door Solicitation” that explains the rules for solicitors and suggestion on how to respond to a stranger on your porch.  Also in the lobby are my crime prevention tips regarding front doors, windows/doggie doors and garages. 

2)  Lock up even when you are home.  Take the extra step to secure your home even when you are in the house.

Auto Burglaries:  2, one on the 4600-block of Danube and one at Embudo Hills Park. 

Both were ‘smash and grabs’ when a window is broken to access property left inside the vehicle. 

My recommendation:  remove all items of value from your vehicle when you park.  This includes any papers with personal information (these are used to commit fraud and ID theft by criminals).  Stolen in one day from vehicles in the Foothills:  iPod and sunglasses.  These are crimes of opportunity; remove the items and secure vehicles to force the criminal to a weaker target.


  • margo maher

    Jill – Thanks for sharing your excellent tips and advice. The handouts you reference in latest post are most valuable and I recommend all readers stop at Substation to pick them up and share. We are happy to be starting a Neighborhood Watch program at Vista Del Rey and thank you for all your help on this project.

    • Thank you for the kind words and feedback. The Foothills team is thrilled to have Vista Del Rey in the Neighborhood Watch program.