Daily Watch Notes: Property Crime in the Foothills on Sunday, March 1, 2015

Robberies:  0 to a business, residence or individual

Stolen Vehicles:  2, one on the 500-block of Tramway and one on 6600-block of Tennyson; both at gated apartment complexes.  One of the stolen vehicles was recovered at a hotel across town later the same day.  Although gates are a good deterrent, they do not make a property immune from crime.  Citizens are a great help to police and reducing crime by reporting suspicious persons who do not appear to belong on property.  If you live in an apartment community, report these types of incidents to 242-COPS, the courtesy patrol and to management.  In these two cases, we had a good witness who made that call to 242-COPS regarding the neighbor’s vehicle being stolen.

No vehicles stolen while warming up!

No commercial burglaries.

Residential Burglaries: 2, one on the 300-block of Antelope Circle SE at a mobile home park and one on the 11800-block of Apache NE. 

In these cases, a home owner left the front door of the home unlocked, which was the point of entry.  The offender had a look-out waiting in a vehicle at the scene. 

In the other case, the home was vacant/unoccupied and the house-sitter discovered the burglary.  Please spread the word to lock up!  If there is an unoccupied home on the your block, be our ‘extra eyes’ and report any suspicious activity at a home that you know is empty or the owners are on vacation. 

Auto Burglaries:  9.  Four of the nine were on the 10500-block of Copper Pointe Way.  Two of the nine were on the 10400-block of Cueva del Oso NE.  The others were on the 10400-block of Central and the 12000-block of Candelaria. 

These all took place at church parking lots, a restaurant parking lot, an apartment complex parking lot and residential areas. 

In one day, what did offenders steal from vehicles?  Firearm, 20-30 hollow point bullets, vehicle title, vehicle registrations, vehicle insurance papers, personal (victim’s) mail, checkbook, and a purse.  Report anyone loitering or lurking in a parking lot to 242-COPS and the management if occurring in a parking lot. 

Be safe,

Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist/APD, Foothills Area Command


  • janet butts

    Thank you for the detailed info on the auto burglaries and residential burglaries! This info is most helpful to my neighbors!