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Crime Prevention: Windows and Doggie Doors

Many burglars enter through unlocked windows at the back of homes and even small openings (bathroom windows, doggie doors). Simple maintenance and seeing what’s on the market to protect your home are good habits to start putting into practice.

  •  Swamp coolers: If you have to leave windows open a few inches, place a rod or dowel in the track. If in a two-story home, it’s generally safer to only open a top story window.
  •  Sliding glass doors: Make sure original locks are all in working order. Add another line of defense with an anti-lift/anti-slide mechanism to prevent lifting or sliding off the tracks. See what’s available on the market that suits your needs.
  •  Blinds: Try going outside (day and at night) and have a friend inside adjust the blinds inside. You will see your home the way by passers do. If you replace blinds, there are ones that allow light in and still provide privacy.
  •  Valuables placed by windows: Use caution –why advertise?
  •  Screens: Check for tears, holes, and make sure they are secured. Replace if need be.
  •  Doggie doors: There are mechanisms on the market to secure doggie doors. If the door isn’t in use, block it off. A child or an adult with a small frame can get through most of these doors and open another entry door or garage for an offender waiting outside.

 World’s simplest tip: Lock up and maintain what you’ve got!

 Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist, APD, Foothills Area Command, 12800 Lomas Blvd NE