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Special Notice Regarding Auto Burglaries in the Foothills

We are seeing a trend of auto burglaries targeting our Foothills apartment complex parking lots and big-box retail parking lots.  We also had a church parking lot and bar parking lot targeting this weekend.  Please remember to remove all items of value from your vehicle when you park (including items with personal information, IDs, vehicle registration/insurance papers) and park in well-lit, well-traveled areas with lots of potential witnesses.  Lock up vehicles — too many people are not locking vehicles and being victimized.  If you see someone loitering or appearing to be casing a parking lot, move on and return another time when you feel safer and be sure to notify the management!  Management can notify their security patrol, offer escorts to shoppers/visitors to their vehicles and have employees returning carts to the store and other duties be extra vigilant.  Call 242-COPS from a safe place if you think you see someone trying to break into a vehicle or looking into vehicles.