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Crime Prevention and Your Front Door

Crime Prevention and Your Front Door

  •  Doors should be solid core. Many burglars get inside by kicking in front doors.
  • Eye viewers: Get one with a 180-degree range of vision. Install it at a height where everyone in the family can access it. Teach your family to use the eye viewer and to not to open the door without looking to see who is there first.
  • Deadbolts: Get the best quality you can. You want that throw to extend at least 1” into the jamb to strengthen that weak spot.
  • Strike Plates: Use four long (3”) screws that extend deep to the stud. There are wrap-around strike plates and extra wide ones that provide additional protection against burglars trying to kick or pry open doors.
  • Storm doors with deadbolts: Advantages are you can see out and the person on the porch can’t see in. These heavy, metal storm doors can’t be kicked in and the deadbolt is an additional line of defense.
  • Glass panels: Fortify these with unbreakable plastic panels attached to the glass on the inside of the home. The aim is to prevent a burglar from breaking the glass and reaching inside to open the front door. You can also cover decorative glass panels with metal grillwork or bars.
  • Keys: Don’t hide extra keys under the door mat or flower pot, on top of a ledge, etc. Provide an extra key to a trusted neighbor for lock-outs and emergencies.
  • No Soliciting signs: post one at your door. We have them at the Foothills Substation at the front desk. Strangers going door to door can be casing your home for a potential break-in. If you pick up a No Soliciting sign, take the APD Crime Prevention brochure on “Door to Door Solicitation” too.
  • Porches: Check your lighting, trim bushes, and remove items blocking your neighbors’ view to your front door. Check for any potential hiding spots. Remove items that could cause trips and falls for visitors.
  • A well maintained space makes a potential criminal feel uneasy and unwelcome.


You can have the best locks and doors money can buy,

but not locking up will defeat your best efforts.



Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist

APD/Foothills Area Command

12800 Lomas Blvd NE

Albuquerque, NM 87112

(505) 332-5240