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Daily Watch Notes: Property Crime in the Foothills, Thursday 2/12/15

Robbery to a Business, Residence, or Individual: 0


Stolen Vehicles:0

Vehicles Stolen while left running, unattended: 2, both at same address on the 300-block of Dorado SE. 

One victim’s debit card was being used after the theft at a business across town.  How many things in life are 100% preventable?  This crime is one of those rare things that is 100% preventable.  Please help your local police by spreading the word to never leave a vehicle running unattended.  This type of crime attracts the criminal element to a neighborhood as an easy place to find unattended vehicles — help us help you by spreading the word in the community.

Commercial Burglary: 0

Residential Burglary: 1, on the 12900-block of Sunrise Trail NE. 

Secure doggie doors — I will be posting a piece on crime prevention and windows/doggie doors on Tuesday — watch the web site and for this post and I will also stock the Foothills Substation’s lobby with fliers with my tips on securing these entry points at your home.

 Auto Burglary: 11.  On the 4000-block of Paisano, 11200-block of Prospect, 2200-block of Algodones, 11900-block of Holiday, 11800-block of Fulmer, 4000-block of Tracy, 10400-block of Theresa, 10400-block of Cielito Lindo, 5300-block of  Eubank, and 10300-block of Camino del Oso.

Please remove all items of value from vehicles and lock vehicles when you park!  Yesterday’s haul for criminals included a purse, driver’s license, a generator and a firearm.  Be responsible with your firearms — one is now in the hands of a criminal who wasn’t afraid to burglarize a vehicle in our community.