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Daily Watch Notes: Property Crime in the Foothills, Wed. 2/11/15

Robberies:  Commercial, Residential, to an Individual:  0

Stolen Vehicles:  0

Vehicles Stolen while Warming Up:  0

Commercial Burglary:  0

Residential Burglary:  2, One on the 600-block of Horseshe Trail SE and one on 5700-block of Bosque View Drive NE.

Crime Prevention to help you — one of these burglaries was to a shed at a residence.  Keep sheds locked — not only are they a target for an offender to steal tools, etc, but can be a hiding spot.  Offenders in our other case yesterday entered the home via the garage.  I have posted a piece on “Crime Prevention and Garages” on this web site and that you may find useful.  Try to think of your garage as a door to your home. 

Auto Burglary: 2, One on 500-block of Tramway and one on 11200-block of Montgomery.

Crime Prevention to help you — one vehicle above was left unlocked and IDs and a Social Security card were stolen from the vehicle left parked unsecured overnight.  The other vehicle in yesterday’s auto burglaries was locked, but a window was broken to steal a wallet left inside the vehicle.  Remove your items of value — including items with personal information about you — when you park.  A simple change of habit (leaving items of value in an unattended vehicle) can reduce your odds of being a victim of crime.

Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist, APD/Foothills Area Command