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Daily Watch Notes: Property Crime in the Foothills on Tuesday, 2/10/15

Robbery/Commercial: 0        

 Robbery/Residential: 0        

Robbery/To an Individual: 1, on 12900-block of Central.

Stolen Vehicles:  2, 100-block of  Monte Largo and on 12800-block of Granite.

 Vehicles Stolen while Warming Up: 0

 Commercial Burglary: 0

 Residential Burglary:  0

 Auto Burglary: 2, one on 14200-block of Copper and one on 1100-block of Juan Tabo.  We can no longer ‘hide’ purses, wallets and IDs in vehicles.  The offender in one of these auto burglary cases pried open the vehicle window to steal those items that were left in the vehicle while parked at a retail/shopping area parking lot.  Ladies:  try leaving the purse at home and only carry what you need for your particular errand on your person (in a pocket, etc).